Five observations from a Redskins’ win over a Bears

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The Washington Redskins during final got a much-needed highway victory, edging a Chicago Bears, 24-21, on Sunday.

The Redskins positively finished things some-more engaging than they indispensable to, though they don’t palm out character points. An nauseous win is usually as good as a flattering win. Now a Redskins urge to 6-7 and sojourn in a hunt for a NFC East title.

Here are 5 observations from a victory:

1. Display of resiliency – Redskins players keep revelation us that things have changed, and each other week, we see signs that advise that’s true, and afterwards a following week, they make us doubt a effect of that claim. Sunday’s feat over a Bears indeed seemed to simulate change. As they came off of a Dallas collapse, we felt like we’d learn a lot about this group formed on their play opposite a Bears. The Dallas detriment was a form of diversion that we’ve seen send this group into a downward turn in years past. It wouldn’t have astounded many of anyone to see a Redskins come out with a hangover from that improved as they took Soldier Field.

Washington outward linebacker Trent Murphy causes and recovers a Jay Cutler fail during Sunday’s second quarter. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

But instead, they came out with guns blazing, putting together dual lawful drives to open a game. Washington’s invulnerability also got off to an assertive start. Both went into a peace right about a time that a offense unsuccessful to gain on a turnover forced by Trent Murphy. The Bears came to life and finished a diversion of it. But a Redskins weathered a charge and finished on a certain note interjection to back-to-back stands by a defense, and time-consuming drives by a offense.

For a while there, it positively looked like something we’ve seen before. In a past, right after a Bears tied a diversion during 21, it would’ve fit a book for Washington to fall both offensively and defensively and lose. But a outcome valid opposite this time. They finished essential plays on both sides of a ball, and reason off a Bears for a win. “We’re training how to win games,” Chris Baker said, and he appears to be right. Next task: anticipating week-to-week consistency. As Kirk Cousins said, “The pivotal is to find a approach to means this for all 4 quarters, and we can be flattering dangerous.”

2. Different Jordan Reed – We’ve seen Jordan Reed make an impact before. But he kicked things adult another turn on Sunday. He displayed an softened toughness as he fought his approach by tackles and picked adult additional yards. It regularly compulsory mixed defenders to move him down. Reed finished a diversion with 9 catches for 120 yards and a touchdown. Reed racked adult 58 yards after a locate to move his team-leading sum to 307 yards after a catch. (For a season, Reed leads a group with 67 catches for 694 yards and 7 touchdowns).

Reed has combined calamity matchups for scarcely each opponent, however a Bears unequivocally had no answer for him. Reed regularly found holes in a pass coverage and afterwards proceeded to locate all 9 passes that came his way.

Talking to Reed after a game, he suggested one of a aspects that creates him so effective as a track runner. That’s his margin prophesy and his bargain of defenses. A former college quarterback, he is accustomed to stepping to a line, contemplating a fixing of a linebackers and defensive backs, and afterwards adjusting accordingly. Reed pronounced he still does a same thing before each play, so he knows how to run his routes. He’s means to brand a concepts of a coverages, a tendencies of defenders, and afterwards uses that believe opposite his opponents. Yesterday, we saw Reed take things a step serve by solution that it would take some-more than one man to get him down.

3. Improved descent diversion devise – After traffic with questions final week about predictability and a miss of creation on offense, Jay Gruden and Sean McVay did a many improved pursuit of blending things up, gripping a Bears off change and assertive with aggression. Yesterday featured one of their many offset diversion skeleton yet, with 33 rushes and 31 passes. Cousins available his fifth 300-yard flitting day of a season, and Washington rushed for 99 yards, that isn’t amazing, though it was adequate to get a pursuit done. Matt Jones finished a day with group highs of 18 carries for 62 yards, though he was during his best in a fourth entertain when he gained 40 yards on 7 carries (5.7 yards per carry) and unequivocally helped gait a offense during a essential clock-management indicate of a game.

Wide receiver Rashad Ross, left, gains 17 yards on a accepting before Chicago outward linebacker Jonathan Anderson creates a tackle. (Tannen Maury/EPA)

Unlike prior games, there seemed to be some-more farrago in a Redskins’ formations. Although they had to go with some of those jumbo packages with Tom Compton and Ty Nsekhe, since of the Derek Carrier injury, they didn’t usually run exclusively out of those packages. We also saw using plays out of a pistol and a shotgun, and some read-option handoffs – elements that hadn’t frequently been enclosed in a diversion skeleton as of late. Cousins always spreads a round around, though a Redskins did a improved pursuit of removing Pierre Garcon (five catches, 52 yards), DeSean Jackson and Rashad Ross some-more concerned in some-more different ways. By game’s end, 11 players had held balls from Cousins.

4. Still not flawless – There’s always room for improvement, and that was transparent utterly during a center of a diversion when Washington went into a peace both offensively and defensively. The inability to measure points off of turnovers stays an issue. The Redskins are now -80 in this category, carrying given adult 105 points and managed to measure usually 25 after takeaways. The play-calling wasn’t to censure this time. After Murphy’s sack-fumble, coaches dialed adult a low pass right off a bat, that is when it’s generally deliberate correct to pounce on your opponent. However, Jackson had a reserve over a top, and Cousins finished a right call in not going to Jackson. However, a holding chastisement by Morgan Moses sent a offense backwards. A pouch dual plays after serve did a Redskins in. The Bears had that play well-defended, though Cousins didn’t have a biggest awareness, and he corroborated into a sack. He looked as if he could’ve thrown a round divided shortly before that, though he seemed to wish to reason on for a split-second longer to see if he could mark someone entrance open.

Washington’s offense has to start capitalizing on a opportunities it receives from a defense. Plain and simple. Those are difference-makers in division-deciding and playoff games.

Defensively, Washington had difficulty reacting to some of a zone-read using plays a Bears threw during them. Washington did good in that it usually gave adult 87 yards on 22 carries. However, there were essential runs that defenders missed a event to stop since they seemed wavering as they attempted to review either Jay Cutler would palm a round off or lift it behind out to throw. The usually certain is that when a Redskins face a Bills this week, they will have usually faced some identical concepts. Washington’s invulnerability was positively some-more assertive rushing a passer. Joe Barry dialed adult cover-zero blitzes in essential points of a game, and Cutler struggled with correctness while underneath pressure. There were other times on plays where Washington didn’t shell and defenders burning Cutler out of a slot where a quarterback burnt them. Cutler is really a gifted quarterback, and his ability to extend plays led to large gains. But a Redskins have to do a improved pursuit of finishing plays to equivocate such occurrences.

Washington ensure Spencer Long acknowledges fans after a Redskins kick a Bears. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

5. Home widen – The design is flattering transparent as of now: Win and sojourn in a hunt. Lose, and we need utterly a bit of help. With 3 games yet, a Redskins are right where they wish to be: with their destiny in their hands. This week they horde a Bills group that probably has been separated from postseason contention. However, since a Eagles usually kick a Bills themselves, Washington needs to kick Buffalo as good to say a common-opponent tiebreaker edge. A detriment to Buffalo doesn’t discharge a Redskins, though winning creates things easier. The Eagles have a tough matchup on Sunday opposite a Arizona Cardinals, so Washington has a possibility to take a lead with a win and a Philly loss. The Giants play Miami tonight, and Redskins fans should base for a Dolphins. The week after that, a Giants play a Panthers. With dual wins this entrance week and a subsequent week during Philly, and waste by a Eagles and Giants these subsequent dual games, Washington could bind a division. Who woulda thunk?

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