Feyenoord v Manchester United: Europa League – live!

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Time flies. But memories are still really fresh. In that pleasing day for me, it was my initial European foe and in a deteriorate we won it we were all really young, myself and a players. Since afterwards we was propitious adequate not to be behind to a Uefa Cup or Europa League. It happened this time, though we have to motivate ourselves. We have to know that this is a foe this season, and it is a foe we wish to face in a critical way, with correct ambition.

We need to play well. For some of these players that are personification today, it is a possibility for me to stagger though it is some-more than probity for them to play, though we still have on a dais Young, Carrick, Depay, boys who merit to play and we am still watchful to let them do that.

I don’t wish to put any vigour on Rashford, we only wish him to play well. Of course, to win we need to measure goals and tonight he’s a striker. Hopefully he can broach for us, though no pressure. He can only suffer his game, in a track where a weed is positively beautiful. No Desso, a weed is only healthy and short. If we don’t play on this surface, go home.

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