Fashion Forward Technology designed by Intel and Fossil Group Partnership

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Intel-teams-with-Fossil-Group-550x412The proclamation of a partnership between Fossil Group (NASDAQ: FOSL) and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) seems to put an finish to a evidence that record isn’t during all select these day. The partnership between a dual is directed during pulling brazen designs that benefaction tech in a some-more organic and stylish manner. The ultimate idea here is to make record turn some-more fashion forward.


Both companies will jointly advantage from this partnership. Intel will be means to strech out to some-more than only elementary techies. People who are geared towards conform will further be captivated to their devices. Likewise, Fossil Group will also have a new demographic to widespread their conform wares. Best of all, FG will have an early perspective of rising technologies due to Intel’s investment group. They’d be means to ready their conform ideas even before a tech is played out.


This partnership also comes timely as a trend of tech now is in a wearable technology area.

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