Farewell to Nancy Reagan: Public gathers to compensate respects

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The object gimlet down on a large parking lot in Simi Valley only before noon, baking a asphalt.

Under a white tent, dozens, maybe hundreds, of people stood — shadowy and vehement — like children in line during an entertainment park.

Some, such as Warren Weston and Lelia Lee, had been watchful for hours to house a white train that would convey people to a Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Today noted their possibility to compensate their respects to Nancy Reagan, and Weston and Lee had arrived during 9 a.m.

Now they were initial in line.

“It’s a reverence to a ended era, behind when both parties would get along,” pronounced Weston, 67, of Oxnard. 

The Reagans, he said, “represented a best of America.”

Weston and Lee got married in 2001 though were together years before that. The integrate pronounced they see parallels between their matrimony and that of a Reagans.

“She cared about her husband,” Lee, 60, pronounced of Nancy Reagan as she practiced her large black object hat.

As they boarded a bus, an central counted: “4, 5, 6…” The line, that stretched during slightest a city block, inched forward in a ripple.

There were group in full suits, and women in high heels, though also a child in a Boy Scout uniform and people in shorts clutching cups of soda.

“We adore her,” pronounced Linda Finley, who had come from Texas with skeleton to see a library anyway.

“She’s an icon,” Finley said. 

Minutes later, a bus’ jeopardy lights clicked on and it solemnly rolled away. 

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