Fantasy football scout: The many dire questions for Week 12 to answer

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Owners of Carson Palmer will give him a outrageous palm if he comes by in Atlanta. (Rick Scuteri/Associated Press)

This mainstay is dedicated to a grub of a anticipation football season, in that industrious owners are constantly meditative about probable waiver pickups and/or trades to make, all in a name of branch feign teams into unequivocally genuine moments of glory. With that in mind, here are a biggest questions for Week 12, with games loosely ranked from a many to slightest anticipation intrigue, but, given this week’s surprising circumstances, starting with a Thanksgiving Day contests.

Vikings during Lions (Thursday, 12:30 p.m.)
Key question: Can Jerick McKinnon make himself a sell-high?

McKinnon has been a bust many of a season, and he even seemed to have been removing phased out of Minnesota’s offense a few weeks ago. But he regained his tip mark final week, garnering 17 touches (not that he did many with them), while a group expelled Ronnie Hillman. So McKinnon again is looking like a Vikings’ tip back, but he faces a Detroit invulnerability that singular him to 8 yards on 7 carries 3 weeks ago and has generally been tough opposite a run of late. Still, it’s a good event for a second-year behind to put adult some numbers, and if he does, his owners should strongly cruise offered high (in leagues that still concede trades, of course). That’s given Adrian Peterson reportedly is on his approach back, presumably by Week 15, and there’s small doubt that, whenever he’s healthy, AP will be reclaiming his job.

Redskins during Cowboys (Thursday, 4:30 p.m.)
Key question: Are targets a regard for Jamison Crowder?

If so, that’s about a usually down note for a Redskins WR, who has 100 yards and/or a touchdown in each diversion given Week 6. Since reaching a deteriorate high of 13 3 weeks ago, though, his targets have declined to 6 and afterwards to usually 3 Sunday opposite a Packers. Crowder held all 3 for 102 yards and a touchdown, yet that kind of violent potency is unsustainable, and while he has turn a must-start in three-WR leagues, it’s concerning that he’s had 4 targets or fewer in 4 of his past 7 games and has staked his value on touchdown prolongation (one in 4 of his past five).

Steelers during Colts (Thursday, 8:30 p.m.)
Key question: Will Ben Roethlisberger do good in a highway game?

As discussed on a latest Fantasy Football Beat podcast (ahem), Roethlisberger has a nice-looking matchup opposite a bad invulnerability in a dome, yet he has some personal story to overcome. His bad display final week during Cleveland could be blamed on breezy conditions, yet it contributed to a settlement of doing many worse on a highway than during home. Since a start of 2014, Roethlisberger has thrown usually 19 touchdowns to 19 interceptions in divided games, as opposite to 54 touchdowns to 13 picks during Heinz Field. So distant this season, his ratios are a vivid 15 to 2 during home and 5 to 5 on a road, and with divided games in wintry precinct to start a anticipation playoffs (at a Bills and Bengals in Weeks 14 and 15), owners will wish to see Big Ben put adult some large stats during Indy.

Cardinals during Falcons (Sunday, 1 p.m.)
Key question: Is Carson Palmer able of holding advantage in Atlanta?

Arizona’s WRs, during slightest those not named Larry Fitzgerald, have been called out in this space for their shortcomings, yet a team’s QB has copiousness of questions to answer in his possess right. Palmer is usually 22nd in anticipation points during his position, and while he can censure some of his struggles on lousy pass protection, that’s of small comfort to his owners or to anyone invested in a Cardinals’ offense. A matchup during Atlanta usually bodes awfully good for hostile QBs, yet Palmer is in a position of carrying to infer he can take advantage.

The Falcons are entrance off a bye, and Tevin Coleman (hamstring) is entrance off an even longer layoff, carrying not played given Week 7. It will bear examination how many work he gets alongside Devonta Freeman and if he is as explosive.

Bengals during Ravens (Sunday, 1 p.m.)
Key question: How will Cincinnati cope with a waste of A.J. Green and Giovani Bernard?

Green (hamstring) competence be behind after this season, yet Bernard (anterior cruciate ligament) is finished for a year, and for a time being, during least, a Bengals have to figure out how to make adult for a span of players who accounted for good over 40 percent of a team’s receiving production. Tyler Eifert, now Cincy’s many dangerous threat, will approaching see a biggest boost in targets, yet a genuine amour is possibly rookie Tyler Boyd or maestro Brandon LaFell — or both? — will emerge as a unchanging performer.

Bernard’s deficiency impacts a Bengals’ backfield, as well, and Jeremy Hill owners have reason to be vehement about their male no longer bursting a work. However, Rex Burkhead competence assume Bernard’s passing-downs role, and a group has avowed good certainty in his abilities.

Patriots during Jets (Sunday, 4:25 p.m.)
Key question: Is Dion Lewis about to pass James White by?

In his initial movement of a season, Lewis perceived usually 3 fewer Week 11 snaps than White and got some-more touches, nonetheless a latter had some-more yards. Just as significantly, Lewis showed a lively and detonate that finished him so dangerous final deteriorate before he tore an ACL. At that point, he was clearly forward of White in a pecking order, and it competence usually be a matter of time before that sequence is restored.

Brandon Marshall owners can usually urge that a Jets used their Week 11 bye to figure out how to get him a (damn) round again. He hasn’t been over 70 yards or scored a touchdown given Week 5, and a bottom fell out in his many new diversion with a four-catch, 15-yard effort. New York reinstalled Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has sealed onto Marshall in a past, as a starting QB, so there is hope.

Jaguars during Bills (Sunday, 1 p.m.)
Key question: Will a span of harmed stars play for Buffalo?

Sammy Watkins (foot) competence make his deteriorate debut, giving folks copiousness of reason to make certain he’s not still on their leagues’ waiver wires. If he does go, Watkins sum to get singular snaps, yet it will be fascinating to see if he looks during all like his old, winning self, generally with a anticipation playoffs looming. Meanwhile, LeSean McCoy was suspicion to be a tighten to skip this diversion after wanting medicine this week on an harmed thumb, yet he appears approaching to go and could get copiousness of work.

Packers during Eagles (Monday, 8:30 p.m.)
Key question: Does Wendell Smallwood get another shot to come adult big?

Darren Sproles (broken rib) and Ryan Mathews (knee) are both iffy for this game, that means that Smallwood could be Philly’s primary back. The rookie has played good when given a chance, with a 4.6 yards-per-carry average in a 3 games in that he’s perceived double-digit carries. Green Bay isn’t interlude anyone these days, so Smallwood could take this event and run utterly a ways with it.

Jared Cook mostly ran with his event final week before committing a dear fail in a Packers’ detriment to a Redskins. That arrange of summed adult a jaunty yet mistake-prone TE’s career, yet he could give Aaron Rodgers another weapon, not to discuss another mouth to feed, that would be irritating for owners of Green Bay WRs.

Chargers during Texans (Sunday, 1 p.m.)
Key question: What can Travis Benjamin do with improved health?

Benjamin has been struggling with a knee repairs and amassed usually 120 sum yards, with one touchdown, from Week 6 yet Week 9, afterwards sat out Week 10 altogether. So a Chargers’ Week 11 bye came during a good time, and he is reportedly in something tighten to full health. When Keenan Allen went down, Benjamin was widely approaching to step adult as San Diego’s tip WR, and his lapse could extent a prolongation of Tyrell Williams and Dontrelle Inman.

Seahawks during Buccaneers (Sunday, 4:05 p.m.)
Key question: Can Thomas Rawls shoulder a load?

All of a sudden, Rawls, who missed half a deteriorate with a fractured fibula, is a final male station in Seattle’s backfield, given C.J. Prosise’s shoulder repairs and Christine Michael’s recover a integrate of weeks ago. Many are awaiting Rawls to immediately be a tip 10 back, yet that stays to be seen, as does a probability a group parcels out some work, quite on flitting downs, to another RB.

Rams during Saints (Sunday, 1 p.m.)
Key question: Will Willie Snead uncover off his speed?

That would be good news, indeed, for his owners, who haven’t seen many large plays from him given his Week 1 explosion. In his 8 many new games, Snead has left over 56 yards once, and he has scored in usually dual of those contests (twice in one of them). Good things can always be approaching of a Saints whenever they play during home, yet Snead could use a highlight-reel play or dual to encourage folks that he’s value rostering.

Chiefs during Broncos (Sunday, 8:30 p.m.)
Key question: Where, oh where, are Spencer Ware’s touchdowns?

He has 3 all season, including usually dual on a ground, that is unsatisfactory for an RB who has spent a year as Kansas City’s tip back. The yardage hasn’t accurately been illusory of late, either, as Ware is averaging 68 over his past 3 games. It will be even some-more unsatisfactory if he can’t do some repairs opposite a 3 defenses he has entrance adult (Broncos, Falcons, Raiders).

Panthers during Raiders (Sunday, 4:25 p.m.)
Key question: Remember when Greg Olsen was unequivocally good?

To lope your memory, Olsen began a deteriorate as an chosen anticipation TE, afterwards fit his high breeze position by averaging 101.7 yards, with dual touchdowns, over his initial 6 games. The past four, though, have been reduction impressive, as he has averaged 33.8, with one touchdown. This feels like a good mark for Olsen to remind everybody that he’s still a tip choice during his position, with Oakland carrying usually allowed 10 catches for 128 yards to Houston’s TEs.

49ers during Dolphins (Sunday, 1 p.m.)
Key question: How many yards will Jay Ajayi raise up?

Another 200-yard performance, or something tighten to it, could be in store for Ajayi opposite San Francisco’s horrible run defense, a many fantasy-friendly to RBs. If he does go off, it could be a ideal time to pierce him off your rosters for a outrageous transport (again, presumption your joining still allows trades), given Miami’s subsequent dual games are opposite a slightest fantasy-friendly defenses (Ravens and Cardinals), with visits to a Jets and Bills after that.

Titans during Bears (Sunday, 1 p.m.)
Key question: Is there any wish for Chicago’s flitting attack?

As of this writing, Jay Cutler is seeking a second opinion, yet he is believed to have a ripped labrum in his shoulder. That would finish his season, and leave a Bears’ flitting diversion in a unsure hands of Matt Barkley (not to contend that Barkley’s hands are literally shaky, nonetheless 6 games of him could means celebration problems for hordes of Chicagoans). Even if Cutler does infer surprisingly healthy, it would be a bigger warn if he could awaken many from a receiving corps that usually mislaid Zach Miller — a week after Alshon Jeffery’s four-game suspension.

Giants during Browns (Sunday, 1 p.m.)
Key question: Who are you, and what have we finished with Rashad Jennings?

After looking entirely cleared (the kids don’t contend “washed up” anymore), he has sprung to life in a past dual weeks, posting lines of 15-87 and 21-85-1 on a ground, with 66 receiving yards tossed in. So many for Paul Perkins relocating adult a ladder, during slightest not as prolonged as Jennings keeps this up, and he’ll have each probability to do so opposite a left-handed Browns. Owners wondering if he’s protected to start will wish to see Jennings take caring of biz (you know, a kids) during Cleveland.

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