Facebook wants to reinstate Craigslist and eBay with a new territory in the app

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Facebook is gunning after Craigslist and eBay. 

On Monday the social network introduced a new add-on in a mobile app called Marketplace, that lets you buy and sell things to people in your city. It will reinstate a Messenger shortcut in a bottom core of a categorical Facebook app.

Facebook says it combined Marketplace since 450 million people already buy and sell things any month to any other by orderly Facebook groups — consider “Electronics for sale in Menlo Park, California.”

Still, it’s a confidant pierce for Facebook to put classified listings so front and center. And investors took note, with shares of eBay trade down as most as 4.5% during one indicate on Monday, before gaining behind some of a mislaid ground.

This isn’t a initial time Facebook has attempted to do classified listings, possibly — it launched a nearly matching underline that was also called Marketplace in 2007. While Marketplace didn’t locate on then, Facebook is clearly anticipating it will now.

Here are some critical things to know about how Marketplace works:

  • When we wish to buy something, a movement will emanate a Messenger thread with a seller for a dual of you.
  • You’ll be means to crop equipment by categories (like electronics), and a dedicated “Your Items” territory will uncover we open inquires on what we have accessible for sale.


  • Facebook won’t promote a doing of payments or shipping by Marketplace. People who use Messenger in a U.S. can, however, opt to compensate any other by a app’s built-in mobile payments feature.
  • Marketplace is designed to uncover we equipment for sale in your area, though we can select any city in a nation where a underline works to see what’s for sale there and summary people.
  • Anything can be legally posted in Marketplace as prolonged as it falls within Facebook’s commerce policies. That means no guns, bootleg drugs, animals, or adult services.
  • To military what is sold, a Facebook orator pronounced that the amicable network will rest on a employees proactively looking for descent posts along with users stating posts they consider violate a policies.
  • The new tab will be accessible for any Facebook user over 18 years aged in a U.S., U.K., Australia, and New Zealand by an app update within the subsequent few days.


  • As we might notice in a screenshots of Marketplace, Facebook is also operative on a dedicated add-on for videos. A orator pronounced that a add-on (a chronicle of that a association pronounced would reinstate a Messenger by-pass months ago) is being tested with some users, though hasn’t rolled out to everybody yet.
  • There’s still a by-pass to Messenger in a Marketplace redesign of a app. Now a by-pass sits to a left of a tip hunt box.


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