Facebook? More like fogeybook: Zuck’s hangout is a cyber-retirement home

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Facebook appears to be confronting a amiable mid-life predicament that’s withdrawal a amicable networking site out of sorts with kids of today.

A investigate from Pew Research found that a free-content ad network saw small change in a altogether use from 2013 to 2014 and that a usually important expansion a site gifted on a year was among those aged 65 and over.

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans, 56 per cent of those 65-and-older use Facebook, giving we a really good reason to set those Las Vegas photos to “private.”

“Every other amicable media height totalled saw poignant expansion between 2013 and 2014. Instagram not usually increasing a altogether user figure by 9 commission points, though also saw poignant expansion in roughly each demographic group,” Pew Research pronounced in announcing a results.

“LinkedIn continued to grow among groups with that it was already popular, such as professionals and college graduates, while Twitter and Pinterest saw increases in usership opposite a accumulation of demographic groups.”

According to Pew, 31 per cent of surveyed seniors use Mark Zuckerberg’s baby. Instagram, however, draws some-more than half of a hipster 18-to-29 crowd, and 49 per cent of a users are equivocal addicts, accessing Instagram one or some-more times each day.

Aside from a untimely fact that a 65+ throng has a significantly aloft mankind rate, being hip with a squares is a good denote that a site is no longer in a “influencer” set.

That’s not to contend that Facebook is pang from a miss of traffic. The Pew investigate found that 70 per cent of polled American internet users are on Facebook, and 45 per cent check it several times a day, both total unvaried from a same investigate a year ago. Facebook is, however, also spanking a rivals: LinkedIn and Pinterest are a nearest rivals, tied during 28 per cent of those surveyed by Pew.

With a $1.5bn net income in 2013, we’re not certain Zuckerberg is that disturbed about a changeable demographic. For now.

“52 per cent of online adults use mixed amicable media sites. Facebook acts as ‘home base’ — it stays a many renouned site for those who usually use one, and has poignant overlie with other platforms,” Pew notes. ®

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