Facebook launches standalone “Events” find and calendar app

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650 million people use Facebook Events — 100 million each day — yet it’s a smaller group of hardcore extroverts who learn these parties and meetups, afterwards entice everybody else.

Now Facebook is giving a many effusive users a dedicated app for browsing and acid for things going on nearby. And interjection to a Facebook Events app’s ability to lift in calendars from your phone, we can see all your skeleton in one place, so we know when you’re free.

The Facebook Events app launches currently on iOS in a U.S., and is entrance shortly to Android. Facebook’s core app will still offer a Events feature, so we won’t be forced to switch like with Messenger. Facebook is still deliberation how to foster or by-pass to a standalone product from a core app.

Facebook Events product manager Aditya Koolwal tells me, “The core topic behind this app is that if we build something for a people unequivocally fervent to learn events, people will have a good time.” The bigger idea is to find out that facilities work so a association can “take the best tools and put them behind in Facebook.”


Events is maybe Facebook’s many unique, differentiated feature. While we can emanate profiles, share calm and discuss on tons of services, there’s no genuine surrogate for Facebook Events.

By doubling down with a standalone app, Facebook could make itself even some-more indispensable. Attending social, informative and veteran events creates memories people charge to Facebook’s help. Events are also where people make new friends and take photos that finish adult bolstering Facebook’s network.

And if eventuality promoters can get some-more organic strech interjection to a Events app, they’re some-more expected to post their events to Facebook and even compensate to foster them with News Feed ads. It broadens a flue of promoters who competence potentially pay, Koolwal believes.

Events is one of Facebook’s oldest features, carrying launched in 2005. But while usually growing, it was neglected until 2011 when Facebook began perplexing to recommend internal happenings. Facebook ramped up a redesigns and recommendations in 2014, around when Mark Zuckerberg initial suggested it could eventually get a possess app. Events hit 450 million Events users by 2015, and this summer it started charity “Featured Events,” picked by tellurian curators in vital cities.

Last year, Facebook shut down a standalone apps incubator “Creative Labs” and several of a products, including Slingshot, Rooms and Riff. But Koolwal tells me, “Individual plan teams do have some grade of liberty to rise things.” Over a final few months, his organisation has been regulating Events app alpha tests to find out what users would wish in a standalone product.

“We went directly to a community. We did several hearing runs in 6 cities opposite a U.S. with a few hundred people regulating it,” Koolwal explains. Users asked for easy browse-ability, absolute hunt and a elementary approach to know what was entrance up.

Using a Facebook Events app

When we launch Facebook Events, you’ll immediately see Events you’ve been invited to or RSVP’d to that day. Scroll down and you’ll get a feed of Events that Facebook thinks would seductiveness you, formed on what friends are going to, your location, your Interests, Pages you’ve Liked and other signals.

In a Search tab, we can now daub tiles to crop what’s adult today, tomorrow or this weekend. A map lets we see events by location, that we can pierce around in box you’re formulation a vacation or a try to a distant side of town. The hunt underline lets we select certain characteristics like day, time and genre, so we can usually see concerts or museum shows.

Koolwal recounts how his group was withdrawal a bar in San Francisco and they didn’t wish to go home. One member suggested perplexing to find a comedy show, so Koolwal set a Events app’s hunt underline to find them a comedy eventuality circuitously that night. Minutes after they were in Cobbs’ Comedy Club, during an eventuality nothing of them had been invited to yet that was finally some-more discoverable.

Lastly, a Calendar underline lets we lift in your iPhone’s calendar to uncover we all your appointments in one place. You can sync other calendars, like Google’s, to your phone, afterwards sync that to Facebook to lift in appointments from wherever. Koolwal says there was some perplexity among a group about either to build a calendar in since it competence seem too practical compared to a silken eventuality pages people can browse, yet testers wanted it. He says don’t design a Facebook app usually for calendaring though, as a space seems flattering good rubbed already.

If extroverts suffer a standalone app, it could assistance them allot invitations to a rest of Facebook’s network, removing some-more users concerned in a feature.

When we speak to people who are grouchy about a world’s continuous amicable media usage, many contend Events is one of a facilities that keeps them on Facebook. While we can make profiles, share calm and discuss on tons of services, Facebook is still a usually place to see what things friends are attending, and join in.

Facebook has prolonged been criticized for isolating us from a genuine world, enlivening us to watch it by a shade instead of live it. But if a amicable network can find we a gallery opening, résumé seminar or tailgate in your neighborhood, that competence equivalent those nights alone scrolling a feed.

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