Facebook Is Killing Photo Syncing, Asks Users To Download Its “Moments” App …

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Facebook clearly believes it has a next strike app on a hands to follow Messenger with a private photo-sharing service, Moments. The association has now announced it will soon discontinue support for print syncing, and is instead seeking users to download a Moments app by a pop-up presentation that appears during a tip of the News Feed. That means if we wish to continue to access photos you’ve secretly synced from your phone, you’ll no longer be means to find these in a apart manuscript on Facebook – you’ll need to download a new application.

The association had already been pulling Facebook Moments some-more heavily than many of a other standalone applications, by a multiple of News Feed promotions and Messenger integration. That signaled Facebook felt a app had mainstream intensity – previously, a association watched dozens of apps and facilities die off, preferring healthy preference to transparent out those that can’t attain on their own.

In fact, Facebook even recently close down a inner RD group, Facebook Labs, that birthed a series of initial apps that never took off, including Riff, Slingshot, and Rooms.

Moments, however, was another story.

The app, which allows users to secretly share photos with name friends, has been climbing a app store charts over a past few months as Facebook lent a strength to give a app some-more prominence opposite a amicable network and on a present messaging service. When a user shares photos with friends on Moments, a app pushes a summary that tells a friend they have photos watchful to a recipient’s Notifications feed on Facebook and to their Messenger app. This has speedy viral adoption among Facebook’s user base.

Now Facebook is transitioning those users who relied on the photo-syncing underline to Moments.


Photo-syncing, in box you’re unfamiliar, was launched several years ago to offer mobile users an easier approach to behind adult and upload their photos to Facebook’s service. The app would run in a background, syncing photos to a private manuscript on Facebook where they could after be edited, shared, or deleted, as users saw fit. The underline was a large understanding during a time as photos have been one of a core drivers for lapse visits and time on a site. To close it down wholly in preference of Moments is scarcely as confidant a pierce as when Facebook ripped out Messenger functionality within a flagship app last year, forcing users to download a standalone chronicle of Messenger in sequence to discuss with friends on mobile.

As a result, Messenger became a tip giveaway app on a App Store. (Though it infrequently slips to #2).

Moments is subsequent to get this form of treatment. If we value carrying your photos corroborated adult and automatically synced, you’ll have to now download another app, says Facebook.

The association tells us that those people who pierce to Moments will have a photos they’ve formerly synced to Facebook accessible in a app, and those who don’t wish to implement Moments will be given a possibility to download a zip record of their photos on their computer, or can undo their photos by their Facebook profiles.

The pierce also comes during a time when opposition Google is saying success with a possess standalone photo-syncing app, Google Photos, now a tip 20 “Photos Video” app on iOS, and a tip 10 app on Android.

As of Jan 10th, print syncing on Facebook will end, a pop-up presentation on a tip of Facebook’s News Feed explains. A couple to “Learn More” advises that “you’ll still be means to entrance your synced photos in Moments, a new app combined by Facebook.”

“The Moments app lets we classify and secretly share photos from your phone, and download or undo photos you’ve synced to Facebook,” reads a site.

A identical presentation also appears when we crop to a “Synced from Phone” manuscript on Facebook. Both notifications embody a couple to download Moments – Facebook actually texts we a couple that will approach we to a suitable app store, possibly the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Since Facebook began display this summary to a billion-plus user base, a Moments app has seen another large burst in a app store rankings. While it was ranked in a tip 100 giveaway apps progressing this month – a decent display – a combined graduation pushed a app adult to position #3 on Friday, Dec 11th on a iTunes App Store. It has depressed a bit in a days since, though is still in a tip 15 as of yesterday. On Google Play, it’s a tip 10 focus as well.

There is, however, one emanate with a transition to Moments – it’s misleading how this will impact Facebook’s European user base.

Because Moments takes advantage of facial approval to advise who to share your photos with, Moments was not done accessible in Europe due to a region’s remoteness insurance regulations. We suspected that Facebook would have to recover a chronicle of a app in Europe that doesn’t embody a facial approval functionality, as that’s how it has rubbed similar matters in a past. However, we know that a devise for a time being is to usually proviso out print syncing on Facebook in a countries where Moments is available.

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