Facebook Events App Not Available Yet On Android: Here Are The Best Calendar Apps You Can Install

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Facebook recently launched a Events App for iOS, and users can devise their assemblage to circuitously events and sync with their friends to suffer some peculiarity time together.

Events App also facilities a neat formation with Apple’s exclusive Calendar app, creation it easy to keep lane of a conferences, concerts, and parties that users competence wish to attend.

However, Facebook Events is usually available on iOS during a moment, so users of Google’s mobile OS competence skip out. That is because we listed some of a best calendar apps for Android users.

aCalendar (Free or $4.99 for full features)

Ranking initial on many reviewers’ lists of calendars, aCalendar certainly deserves a place during a top.

The app facilities a plain collection of features, such as many forms of views, mixed widgets and more. To those who can get by with simple tools, it comes during 0 additional cost.

Productivity oriented users competence wish to flare out $4.99 for a full version, that comes with some-more control facilities and gesticulate controls.

Users who downloaded aCalendar from Google Store gave it a 4.4/5, that is a top symbol on a list.

CloudCal ($2.50 for full features)

Android users get one of a many discerning and easy-on-the-eyes ways of display how bustling they are on any given day. ClouldCal uses a complement dubbed Magic Circles, that depicts days as time faces, with any activity analogous to a round (or slice) of a opposite color.

The app facilities a neat formation of customizable views, calendar import and gesticulate support, and it plays good with apps such as Google Maps, Uber, and Waze. Keep in mind that in sequence to use a travel apps we need to bombard out $2.50 for a Pro version.

Download CloudCal from Google Store, where it scores 4.3/5.

Google Calendar (Free)

Google’s exclusive Calendar app delivers a clean, splendid interface and a crowd of views: normal month and week views alongside schedule-focused views.

Integration with your Gmail comment lets we automatically corrupt information about flights, hotel accommodation, and grill reservations from your emails and emanate events formed on pronounced info. You might also use it for reminders and to-do lists.

Users might download Google Calendar from Google Store, where it ranks 4.1/5.

DigiCal (Free)

DigiCal is a versatile Android calendar that offers a innumerable of perspective modes and widgets.

Users can have an overview or a minute relapse of their schedule, interjection to a day, week, month or year-based perspective mode.

The app plays good with Exchange, Outlook and Google Calendar. What is more, DigiCal lets we know when to container an powerful interjection to a embedded continue forecast, and a invitation government and time section facilities are utterly useful, as well.

Get DigiCal from Google Store, where it sits during 4.3/5.

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