Facebook ads to start following we around a internet from today

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Other advertisers now have entrance to a information Facebook keeps on you. Photo: Mashable / Getty Images

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Good news for advertisers, though maybe not-so-great news for users endangered about their personal data: Starting today, Facebook will use information it gleans from users for a new ad network, Atlas, that it says will offer adult ads on non-Facebook sites formed on what Facebook knows about you.

Atlas is a former Microsoft property that Facebook bought final year for around $US100 million that Facebook has now rebuilt from a belligerent up. Atlas is graphic from Audience Network, a mobile ad network Facebook introduced in Apr that was directed during app developers.

In contrast, Atlas is a arrange of choice to Google’s AdWords, that will let advertisers follow users opposite a web and mobile devices. For instance, Atlas advertiser Pepsi could use Atlas to publicize one of a products on a sports site or a diversion app that is eccentric with Facebook.

In a blog post announcing a new network, Erik Johnson, conduct of Atlas, wrote that a network addresses a vital reduction of cookies, a industry’s car for tracking users and portion ads on desktop.

“Cookies don’t work on mobile, are apropos reduction accurate in demographic targeting and can’t simply or accurately magnitude a patron squeeze flue opposite browsers and inclination or into a offline world,” he wrote. The blog presents Atlas as a resolution given it uses “people-based marketing.”

While a pierce competence stun some users who are questionable about how Facebook employs their personal data, it presents a new choice for advertisers and an choice to Google. The representation would be even some-more intriguing if Twitter joins a network. Re/code reports that Facebook has talked to Twitter about such a pierce and “the thought stays a possibility.”

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