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According to rough exit check data, here are 4 quick contribution about electorate in Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia and North Carolina.

Numbers will change as exit polls are updated and usually simulate rough data.

1. Virginia Voters as Worried about Terror Attacks as a Economy

Thirty-four percent contend they voted to demonstrate antithesis to a boss vs. usually 19 percent voting to uncover him support.

Republicans are branch out in larger numbers than when Mark Warner (D) won in 2008, accounting for scarcely 36 percent of voters

Nearly half contend Obama’s signature 2010 health caring law went too far.

Eight in 10 electorate are disturbed about a instruction of a economy; as many worry about a vital terrorist conflict alike.

2. Majority of Voters in Kentucky Think a Country is on a Wrong Track

Turnout among nonwhites is down 4 points from 2008, when Senate minority personality Mitch McConnell (R) won re-election, to usually 11 percent of voters.

69 percent of electorate contend a country’s severely off on a wrong lane — identical to a series who pronounced so when a Republican claimant won a KY Senate competition in a final midterm in 2010.

82 percent are disturbed about a instruction of a economy (similar to 2010 and 2008) and 51 percent contend a economy’s a many critical issue, good some-more than any of a 4 other issues tested.

61 percent of electorate debate of Obama’s pursuit performance; 45 percent contend his 2010 health caring law went too far

3. So Far, Voter Turnout Among Non-Whites during Record High in Georgia

At 36 percent, audience among nonwhites. If it holds, a record high in Senate elections behind to 1992.

About as many electorate — 4 in 10 — are conservatives.

42 percent contend Michelle Nunn (D) is too magnanimous vs. 33 percent who contend David Perdue (R) is too conservative.

Negative views of Obama are important — 55 percent debate of his pursuit opening and 59 percent are unfortunate with his administration.

4. North Carolina Voters Rating Democratic Party More Favorably than a GOP

The Republican Party is rated some-more unfavorably than a Democratic Party in North Carolina: 58 percent vs. 52.

Just 36 percent of those voting are Democrats, a fewest in North Carolina Senate exit polls given 1984 and down from 42 percent when Kay Hagan (D) was inaugurated in 2008. The series of independents is during 30 percent — a top turn on record.

While 38 percent of electorate are really disturbed about a economy, that’s down 15 points from 2008.

51 percent consider Kay Hagan (D) agrees with Barack Obama too often, though 43 percent also contend her opponent, Thom Tillis (R), is too conservative.

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