Ex-AIG Chief Greenberg Looks to Scorch Government in Trial

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Former American International Group (AIG) arch Hank Greenberg is earnest both a justice feat and a scorched-earth conflict on a sovereign supervision as his much-anticipated polite box opposite a legality of a 2008 bailout of a large insurer starts Monday.

Greenberg, in a array of private conversations with friends and associates, has pronounced he expects a sovereign claims court, that is now conference a case, to order in his preference before a supervision appeals to a U.S. Supreme Court, where he says he will explain final victory.

The 89-year-old word titan was suspended from AIG in 2005 amid regulatory pressure, and remained one of a insurer’s largest shareholders. In a successive years, AIG intent in a array of unsure sell by insuring poisonous housing-related debt hold by a large Wall Street firms.

In 2008, a sovereign supervision bailed out AIG along with a large banks in an bid to save a tellurian financial system. But in his lawsuit opposite a sovereign government, Greenberg pronounced a terms given to AIG were distant some-more toilsome than those awarded to large banks, including a large equity stake, effectively wiping out shareholder value and amounting to an bootleg “taking” of a firm.

The supervision denies a assign and pronounced a AIG house voted to accept a terms of a government’s offer for $182 billion in assistance in sell for a 79.9% interest in a company.

Greenberg says those terms were all though forced on AIG by a 3 regulatory officials in assign of a bailouts: Former New York Federal Reserve President Tim Geithner, former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

Greenberg told associates he is relishing a possibility to have his attorney, David Boies, examination any central during a trial, these people say. All 3 are on Greenberg’s declare list, and over a past year any has given depositions to Greenberg’s authorised team.

Those depositions sojourn underneath justice seal, though FOX Business has been a usually news classification to examination their contents. In them supervision officials seem during times nonplussed by a maturation financial crisis, and AIG’s significance to a altogether banking system.

AIG’s word product—known as a credit-default swap—was hold by a large banks to cover waste on billions of dollars in poisonous housing-related debt. But AIG eventually ran out of income to cover a obligations, definition firms like Citigroup (C), Morgan Stanley (MS), and Goldman Sachs (GS) were confronting ascent waste and penury were it not for a churned bailouts including a assistance given to AIG.

For instance, in their depositions, both Geithner and Bernanke seemed to, during a time, have had small thought that a large banks underneath their watch had incited to AIG to protection debt that was apropos increasingly meaningless as a financial predicament widespread by a summer and into a tumble of 2008. 

In his deposition, Geithner, who after went on to turn President Obama’s Treasury Secretary conceded that during most of a financial predicament he privately “did not spend time…looking during AIG,” In his deposition, he pronounced he became focused on AIG after Lehman Brothers collapsed in mid-September 2008 while a financial fall was raging.

A orator for Greenberg declined to comment; spokesmen for Geithner, Bernanke and Paulson also declined comment.

As initial reported by FOX Business Greenberg has asked vital Wall Street investors such as Home Depot (HD) co owner Ken Langone, and hedge-fund merchant Steve Cohen to financial his lawsuit, so earning a right to a square of any winnings. Greenberg is suing a supervision for as most as $50 billion.

During a Mar 2014 assembly with investors, Boies pronounced swell in a box has been good. He quipped during one indicate that he didn’t “want to pat himself too most on a back” for some of Greenberg’s justice victories, according to people with believe of a matter. Those enclosed a judge’s refusal to boot as good as a holding of testimony from tip supervision officials including Bernanke’s in February.


In his deposition, Bernanke supposing a legalistic and during times treacherous array of responses to questions acted by Boies. At one point, he told Boies “I did not consider that Morgan Stanley, to my recollection, was on a verge of failure” in Sep 2008.

The former Fed chairman, now a renowned associate during a Brookings Institute, done that response after he was shown an email delivered to one of Geithner’s deputies that settled Morgan Stanley alerted Federal Reserve officials a organisation was about to turn ruined though some-more sovereign assistance and that another large Wall Street firm, Goldman Sachs, also believed it was about to implode if Morgan Stanley couldn’t survive.

Such testimony competence infer annoying to a former sovereign officials during a heart of a bailouts, though authorised experts are churned on either it helps Greenberg’s row that a regulators sought to foul retaliate AIG shareholders.

Charles Gasparino assimilated FOX Business Network (FBN) in Feb 2010 as Senior Correspondent.

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