Every college football fan should see Texas A&M’s Midnight Yell

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. — Twenty mins to midnight, and droves tide into — not out of — a stadium. Two mins past midnight, and everybody from a margin to a top decks unexpected knows it’s time to hook somewhat and put hands on knees to state a thoroughfare everybody also seems to know. Seventeen mins past midnight, and there comes one of a improved eyeglasses you’ll ever see during any hour, let alone 17 past midnight: tens of thousands interlocking arms and, often, knees, and oscillating behind and forth.

Twenty-six mins past midnight, and everybody files out neatly, occasional clots on a stairwells.

For miles and miles of dim Texas highway on a Friday night, it doesn’t seem anybody could be yelling, many reduction even whispering. Surely nobody could be headed toward anything patrician a “Yell.” But once into College Station and past a George H.W. Bush Presidential Library, there it is, a 102,773-capacity Kyle Field, illuminated up, prepared for ritual, good large bugs swirling in a night sky nearby a good lights.

Texas AM’s “Midnight Yell,” one of a college football must-sees before dying, upholds a existence about a world: The universe contains many worlds, some freighted with distinctions. You competence find yourself unexpected in a place in that everybody knows a word “saw ’em off” refers to a steer’s horns, in sold those of a Texas Longhorn, that represents a group Texas AM used to play though no longer does, though still loathes adequately.

One notation past midnight, and several groups mount during a front corner of a football margin before maybe 40,000 people fill the reduce rug and do a equitable pursuit with a upper. The 5 guys in a center with a microphone have zero to do with hamburgers; they’re “Yell Leaders” inaugurated by a nation’s second-largest tyro physique — 3 seniors, dual juniors — with Texas AM novel proclaiming it “not odd for some-more than twice as many students to opinion for Yell Leader possibilities than to opinion in a Student Body President elections.”

One notation past midnight, and a Head Yell Leader, Chris Wilder, has a microphone and a joke: “How can we tell you’re in a five-star hotel in Tennessee? When we call a front table and say, ‘I’ve got a trickle in a sink,’ and they said, ‘Okay, go ahead!’ ”

By now, we competence assume a weekend football caller competence be Tennessee — in this case, an all-top-10 diversion between No. 8 Texas AM (5-0) and No. 9 Tennessee (5-0). It’s a weekend large adequate to be bigger than usual, and a fact that Yell Leader Ian Moss will get his initial spin during revelation a myth to a Kyle Stadium “Midnight Yell” audience.

Moss, 21, a junior, loves Texas AM usually about as many as anybody has ever desired anything, and he’s already entertainment singular experiences. Like his 4 Yell Leader brethren, he’s a member of a 2,500-strong Corps of Cadets (on a campus going on 60,000-strong), and as a sophomore, he became a one tyro selected to caring for Reveille IX, a thoroughbred American collie mascot. “Nothing affects an Aggie like Reveille does,” he said. The side of his overalls honors her with an applique and a thoroughfare reading, “First Lady of Texas AM.”

“Basically, we took caring of all her daily events, her schedule, done certain her hair was looking good, done certain her teeth were brushed,” Moss said. As their bond grew, his brushing of her teeth (and a dog toothpaste involved) became second inlet to her, assisting her freshen adult to attend, as Moss put it, “anything from sorority events to philanthropies to video segments for a football team,” or to accommodate with donors or impending students or elementary-school children. If she wants onto your bed, he said, we wish onto a floor, “because she outranks us. It’s a consistent sign of a joining a Aggies have to a country, to a university and to any other.” He can tilt off a origins of a Reveille judgment (1931) to a multiply of a initial Reveille (“fox terrier spitz mutt”) to how she got her name (went bonkers one morning during reveille).

In his myth during Midnight Yell, Moss told of an Auburn fan who wished to modify to Alabama fandom to damp a new love, so sought out a Dallas alloy to mislay half his brain, usually to emerge from medicine saying, “Go Volunteers,” whereupon a alloy volunteers that a medicine took a whole brain.

That fun happened during 12:11 a.m.

A intone of “Wrecking Crew! Wrecking Crew!” — honoring a AM football invulnerability — went during 12:12.

So did a remarkable cannon bang that competence have condensed a life span.

Moss can go on in low fact about “Yell Leader” elections, deploying difference such as “rigorous” and “stressful,” in further to “campaign teams,” “campaign managers,” “platforms” and “intensive interview.” “It’s not easy if it’s about yourself, if that creates sense,” he said. “It’s about a university, given there’s a lot of times when things turn inconvenient. Something we always tell any other is, ‘You’re not a Yell Leader when it’s available for you, you’re a Yell Leader when it’s available for other people.’ And so a lot of times this seems unequivocally glamorous and a pursuit that everybody wants to be in a spotlight, when really, there’s a lot of things that goes on behind a scenes that a lot of people don’t know about. We do over 300 events a year. We’re doing a lot and sacrificing a lot. And so if we make it about yourself, it’s not enjoyable, though if you’re means to offer and put this university above yourself, that’s what creates it so special.”

At 12:02 a.m., a throng in a football track bound to sing “The Spirit of Aggieland.”

“Take off your cap!” somebody hollered to a Tennessee fan in a front row.

“I didn’t know, sorry!” he said.

“It’s all right!” several said.

“As a week goes on we usually build up, and build up, and build up,” Moss said, “and afterwards during midnight before a game, reduction than 12 hours divided from kickoff, and to be means to see a 40,000 students come out and do yells, we meant we can’t find that anywhere else. And to be means to give a myth in front of them, and be means to control a 12th man, and usually have that respect and payoff . . .”

The men’s and women’s basketball teams seemed to make brief announcements about arriving seasons.

At 12:16 a.m., another song: “The War Hymn,” full with a jabs during “Texas University” (not “the University of Texas”) and a “eyes of Texas are on you.” At 12:18 a.m., a Yell Leaders gave best wishes to dual youths, one battling a third heart transplant and a other a central-nervous-system condition. At 12:23, another cannon boom, another 5 mins off a finish of life. At 12:25, another wish to kick a purported Hades out of Tennessee, and a sign that while there’s no Texas on a report anymore given Texas AM changed to a Southeastern Conference, during slightest there’s an orange opponent.

“Midnight Yell” doesn’t cackle adult your night. By 12:30, a stairwells gush with maroon, throngs exiting a track in that there has been no football diversion yet, though there has been odd friendship already.

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