Essential Politics: Why a Electoral College map is looking improved for Clinton

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Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have a new bookMichelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren will be attack a discuss trail, and New Hampshire is slipping out of Donald Trump’s reach.

I’m Christina Bellantoni. This is Essential Politics.

The Granite State is trending increasingly Democratic, so we’ve updated a Electoral College interactive.

David Lauter and Mark Z. Barabak write that while New Hampshire had been a tossup, we shifted it to a “Favors Democrats” category after 5 polls found Clinton heading by between 6 and 15 commission points.


Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez on Tuesday offered adult 4 U.S. Senate debates — and was flatly deserted by her opposition Kamala Harris, California’s profession general.

Back in August, Harris announced she would attend in usually dual debates, one in Los Angeles and a other in Sacramento. When Sanchez deserted a Sacramento debate, a Harris discuss consultant howled that a congresswoman was “not critical about debates.” Phil Willon reports that now it’s Sanchez’s spin to howl. On Tuesday, she pronounced expects Harris to “respect a voters” and accept her proposal.

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Republican clamp presidential hopeful Mike Pence is headed to California currently for a two-day pitch that includes a debate during a Reagan library and a array of fundraisers.


We told we yesterday about a array of fundraisers Team Clinton will seem during over a march of this month. We’ve schooled that a Sept. 13 eventuality with Clinton and Lionel Richie will be during a Beverly Hills home of Seth MacFarlane.

We’ve performed an invitation for another one on Sept. 16 featuring discuss manager Robby Mook during a Los Angeles home of Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Jon Vein. Tickets are $500 or $1,000.


– Sanchez on Friday will be a special guest during a Newport Beach fundraiser being put on by a super PAC shaped to assistance her U.S. Senate campaign. The eventuality shows only how loose restrictions have turn per interactions between sovereign possibilities and a PACs shaped to assistance them.

– How did we spend summer? If you’re like California’s members of Congress, time went to a lot of work, with a bit of fun thrown in. Who knew House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is an Adele fan?

– Stein met with a Los Angeles Times editorial board. The Green Party presidential hopeful addressed her stances on such issues as healthcare, meridian change and America’s two-party system, her past comments on wi-fi and using partner Ajamu Baraka’s remarks that President Obama was an “Uncle Tom.” Read a transcript.

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