ESPN worker rips Tim Tebow’s ball skills

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Keith Law apparently didn’t get a memo.

At a time when ESPN has worked tough to build adult a round chops of football-player-turned-ESPN-employee-turned-would-be-baseball-player Tim Tebow, one ESPN worker who specializes in assessing round talent has courageously forked out that Tebow has none.

ESPN comparison author Keith Law has penned a sardonic comment of Tebow for ESPN’s paywall-protected “Insider” site. (Unlike PFT, a folks during Barstool Sports aren’t too inexpensive to squeeze access. Or, distinct PFT, a folks during Barstool Sports haven’t lost a cue they “borrowed” from a friend.)

Tim Tebow is in a Arizona Fall League,” Law writes. “He competence be improved matched to personification in an Arizona high propagandize league. His participation here is a farce, and he looks like an imposter sanctimonious to have talent he does not possess.”

There’s more.

“Tebow a round actor is not a round player; he’s a washed-up quarterback who has distance and zero else,” Law explains. “His pitch is long, and he wields a bat like someone who hasn’t played a competition in some-more than a decade, that he hasn’t. He can’t locate adult to 90 mph, that is good next a vital joining normal for a fastball, and was slicing by fastballs in a section on Wednesday night. He rolled over twice on fastballs, that is something we generally see veteran hitters do usually on off-speed stuff, and he showed below-average using speed. In left field, his routes demeanour like those of a far-reaching receiver, nonetheless he managed to eventually make his approach around to a fly round in left.

“In short, there’s positively no round justification for Tebow to be here.”

There’s no round justification, though there’s copiousness of business justification. Tebow is offered merchandise, representing his new attire partner (Adidas), and formulating hum for a Arizona Fall League.

Of course, he’s also occupying a register mark that differently would be filled by someone with tangible talent and potential. Which isn’t scarcely as unhappy as a philharmonic of a grown male who doesn’t have it and never will going by a motions of chasing an unreachable dream during a time when anyone else who gets it knows he has no possibility of removing there.

Unless, that is, a same business considerations that got Tebow to a Arizona Fall League will continue to pull him by a round pipeline, artificially elevating his standing in a name of creation money.

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