ESPN defends the stating after Ravens owner’s press conference

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Ravens owners Steve Bisciotti addresses a media Monday afternoon. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Ravens owners Steve Bisciotti addresses a media Monday afternoon.
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

ESPN squandered no time in responding to Steve Bisciotti’s Monday afternoon press conference, one in that the Baltimore Ravens owners answered questions about a actions of himself and other group executives in their doing of a Ray Rice domestic assault situation.

Shortly before a presser, a Ravens released a created come-back to an ESPN “Outside a Lines” feature published Friday that indicted a group of “purposeful misdirection” in a review and doing of a Feb occurrence between Rice and his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City casino elevator.

During a 45 notation prolonged QA duration Monday, Bisciotti attacked ESPN’s reporting, job it “manufactured” and also claimed that a writers did not give a group sufficient time to respond before edition a story on Friday. Bisciotti also suggested that a infancy of a unknown sources in a story were people dependent with Rice eccentric of a Ravens.

The network immediately dismissed back, initial in a twitter by orator Josh Krulewitz, followed by Bob Ley interviewing Van Natta Jr.  live on a atmosphere as shortly as Bisciotti left a stage.

“We talked to some-more than 20 sources,” Van Natta Jr. said. “People inside a Ravens building talked to us and reliable most of what was in a account. We talked to joining sources, talked to kinship sources, people that were in a loop in a timeline we laid out from Feb to September. Unfortunately it’s an arrogance he’s creation about where this is entrance from. we know why he’s creation a assumption. We talked to some of Ray Rice’s friends on a record in a story. He’s creation assumptions we talked to Ray Rice’s authorised group and others, though it’s unfortunately only not loyal and it’s an oversimplification of a kind of work we put into this story.”

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