England v India, fourth ODI: live

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17.06 He’s on a roll, Goughie (and maybe in hunt of a role)

17.00 Here’s one of England’s finest, arguably their finest, ODI

Darren, you’re right of course. But a selectors are some of their coaches or
during slightest directors of cricket. It’s absurd to have employees of counties
on a preference row in my opinion. It should be a paid purpose and wholly

16.59 Alan Houghton writes

E-mailThe group should be upskilled by replacing Test cricketers with ODI

Why not let Paul Farbrace manager a ODI side and put Eoin Morgan in assign of
it? Give James Taylor a run, Jason Roy and pierce behind Ravi to bat during five.

16.53 My perspective is that it doesn’t matter if Cook scores a double hundred
during Leeds. He shouldn’t be England’s captain during a World Cup. And as for his
integrity for his players and himself to “upskill”. the
smashing Peter Hayter sums it adult best:

“I don’t utterly know why” we played so badly, says Alastair Cook.
It’s “frustrating. It’s a tough place to be right now. We have to back
a beliefs. Put a hands up. Turn it around. We have to work incredibly
hard.” That’s a full house. Forgive me. That’s balls.

Andrew Barnes says

E-mailIs this Peter Moore’s sparkling code of ODI cricket that he promised? This
England opening has been severely inept. Also, given won’t England play
dual spinners? It’s worked flattering good for India. The array is gone,
England’s skeleton World Cup skeleton in disarray, cant we usually call in Taylor,
Vince, Bopara and Roy etc for a final compare and see how they get on, it
cant be any worse.

We’ve still got time for Alastair Cook forgive bingo. Remember it’s five
points for “frustrating”, 10 points for “difficult to explain”,
15 points for “work hard”, 20 points for “it’s tough right now”
and 25 points for “everyone is right we are in a right f—— mess”.
And one point, of course, for “games of cricket”.

England are removing worse,says Sir Ian Botham. “It’s embarrassing. Enough
is enough.”

And shamed during Headingley no doubt.

OVER 31: IND 212/1 (Kohli 1* Dhawan 97*) Dhawan torments by branch one
into two, smacks Gurney over cover for 4 afterwards smacks a full toss for six
behind over a bowler’s head. India win by 9 wickets with 117 balls

OVER 30: IND 200/1 (Kohli 1* Dhawan 85*) Woakes competence have found more
gait this deteriorate nonetheless with no transformation he stays uncommonly hittable when he
sticks it in a slot. Even when he doesn’t and Dhawan’s in flashing blade
mode, striding down a lane to allegation him over midwicket for four. Mike
Atherton’s right, though. For all a skip of wickets, it’s because
England’s batting is so balderdash that a India batsmen had such leisure to
attack. Woakes drops brief and is pinged one rebound for 4 between square
leg and midwicket afterwards clears his frint leg out of a proceed to loft a six, as
high as it is long, over a wire during prolonged on. England, in a disproportion of Ken
Dodd, are being marmalised. India need 7 off 20 overs. Woakes has gone
for 40 off 4 overs. India need 0.35 an over.

OVER 29: IND 183/1 (Kohli 0* Dhawan 68*) That’s one possible
statistical gift left for a self-evident – carrying degraded Sri Lanka by 10
wickets during Manchester progressing in a summer, England were on march to
spin a initial side to win one and remove one by 10 wickets in a same

WicketWicket! Rahane c Cook b Gurney 106 Smacks a full toss loyal to Cover
where Cook leaps and takes it over his head. Sky immediately cuts to a
betting advert. Lovely bookies. Lovely, poetic bookies. Yet wouldn’t that
have been one innings where a batsman deserved his acclaim and we
deserved to see it?

OVER 28: IND 177/0 (Rahane 101* Dhawan 68*) Rahane (who should have
non-stop in a Test array – see prior OBOs passim and ad nauseam) brings
adult his lass 50-over century off 96 balls. It has been a smashing knock.

OVER 27: IND 172/0 (Rahane 97* Dhawan 67*) It’s a lapse of the
sanatorium trolley, Gurney, and Rahane check drives him with beautiful timing
for dual straight, Gurney afterwards overstrides by about a feet and Rahane takes a
singular to low additional cover, giving Dhawan a giveaway hit. He reads a slower
ball, privileged his front leg out of a way, pivoted on his hips and smacks
it 30 rows behind into a mount during midwicket. Dhawan finishes a over with a
vast T20 ramp from proceed outward off-stump to a glorious leg operation for
four. You know that business about England removing worse before they get
improved that we were warned about? This is stone bottom, a ODI homogeneous of
a Ashes whitewash. Of march England cricket fans don’t unequivocally value ODI
cricket as most as Test cricket. But let’s not concede that to convince us
that this has not been pathetic. India need 35 off 23 overs.

OVER 26: IND 156/0 (Rahane 93* Dhawan 56*) It’s Billy Cotton’s
favourite cricketer behind in a conflict – Woakey! Woakey! – (ask your great
grandparents). Dhawan takes him for a singular with a issuing cut bringing
Rahane on to strike. Woakes beats him with a slower spin but, undaunted,
Rahane, subsequent ball, scoops him over a keeper’s conduct for four.

OVER 25: IND 150/0 (Rahane 88* Dhawan 55*) Rahane checks his attacking
instinct and instead of belting Finn over a tip reins in that shot and
defends instead a spin after holding an easy dual behind block off his hip.
Then Finn bowls a good length spin during 87mph and Rahane again takes a step
out of his double and larrups him loyal behind down a belligerent for four.
Pulling off a front feet would have landed him in difficulty given he
didn’t center it nonetheless midwicket and prolonged on couldn’t get there and India run
two. Rahane runs hard, too, branch clipped singles off his legs into twos,
finishing a over with his 10th run and third two. India need 57 to win off
25 overs.

Andrew Beardsley has a suggestion

E-mailSo another diversion over before we finish work! Maybe a ECB should start the
games during 2pm so during slightest we get to see England bowled out/smacked spin the
park when we get home? And with Notts not looking expected to kick Durham in
a CC not a weekend of cricket for me!

OVER 24: IND 140/0 (Rahane 78* Dhawan 55*) This has been a worst
England ODI side Sourav Ganguly says he’s seen given he started entrance to
England in 1996. Dhawan takes Moeen for an easy daub to prolonged on and strolls a
single. Rahane does a same. Have England given up?

OVER 23: IND 136/0 (Rahane 76* Dhawan 53*) Steven Finn is behind into the
conflict and manages to put a fist onwith a little dual singles off the
over, Rahane gliding one off his hip, Dhawan roving a rebound of a bumper
to run it off a face down to third man.

Trust Ed Smith to get all Jeremy Bentham on us

John McEnerney has had his fill, too

E-mailEngland behaving worse than we suspicion they would, if this isn’t a arise up
call for a vital rethink we don’t know what is. Heaven assistance them in The
Ashes(not most wish there) some-more so in ODIs, this is embarrassing!

OVER 22: IND 134/0 (Rahane 75* Dhawan 52*) Six more, this time from
Rahane, his fourth, again holding a travel towarsd Moeen and smacking him
behind over his head. Batsmen Nos four, 5 and 6 have substantially left to the
pictures, says Bumble.

OVER 21: IND 127/0 (Rahane 68* Dhawan 52*) Anderson is holding some
punishment, a form he will be subjected to in Australia if he can’t make
a white spin swing. Dhawan thick edges an attempted toil to midwicket and
takes dual nonetheless ends a over with a stately straight-driven 6 from three
stairs down a wicket to pierce adult his 50. A wrestling throng would be
cheering “Easy! Easy!”

OVER 20: IND 117/0 (Rahane 66* Dhawan 43*) Dhawan comes on a charge
to Moeen to chip him over mid-on for four, a 17th operation of this
partnership – England managed 16 in their whole innings. Oh dear. What’s so
sorrowful is that during any World Cup given 1992 England have been dreadful.
They come home, set on change. Then over a four-year cycle spin more
discreet as it progresses and lapse to their desperately low faith in
wickets in hand, pieces and pieces chancers and nurdling on a eve of the

Andrew Barnes has seen enough

E-mailThere is no possibility of England changing strategy / crew changing prior
to a World Cup. Cook has already pronounced that he will go to a World Cup as
captain so zero will change. Can we severely trust that Bell, Cook,
Root and Morgan will no longer be in situ by a time a World Cup comes
about? This array is embarrassing. Swann and Vaughan were right in what
they said, Cook’s problem is that he can not accept criticism, no matter who
it comes from.

Yes. It’s commencement to demeanour that way. we upheld a preference to persever
with him as Test captain with some reservations. we have always felt he
shouldn’t be a ODI captain or even in a side. He’s too resistant both
as a batsman and as a captain.

OVER 19: IND 110/0 (Rahane 65* Dhawan 38*) Modern bats and haughtiness reap
6 for Rahane as he takes dual stairs down a wicket to bottom-edge a lofted
expostulate off Anderson for 6 over long-on. This is a cakewalk.

OVER 18: IND 101/0 (Rahane 58* Dhawan 36*) Rahane brings adult his fifty
with a toil brush into a mount during block leg about 10 rows behind and
follows it with a finer brush for 4 behind square. A singular punched into
a covers takes India’s opening mount to three-figures. It’s a initial for
a lomg time. Precisely how prolonged is over me given statsguru is 503ing me
today. we can’t trust it would leave me so abruptly. I’ve had a better
attribute with Statsguru this past decade than with many members of my
family. But it seems it has found someone else and is giving me a cold
shoulder. What will Alastair Cook contend – “we have to work harder to win
games of cricket”? Bingo! Do we cruise they wish to win behind a Ashes
in 2015 so desperately that all else is secondary? That’s drinks,

OVER 17: IND 89/0 (Rahane 47* Dhawan 35*) That 6 signalled a finish of
Finn’s spell and Jimmy Anderson earnings to boos some-more pale than during Trent
Bridge and Sophia Gardens. He bowls a tighter line and Rahane, dynamic to
money in, plays him with discretion, holding a singular off spin 6 as Jim
Bouton would call it.

OVER 16: IND 88/0 (Rahane 46* Dhawan 35*) Four singles milked off Moeen
– as we would expect. There has been acknowledgment that Ian Bell has a minor
detonate of a toe. He competence still play in Leeds on Friday. he shouldn’t, nor
should he play 50-over cricket again. The game’s changed. He hasn’t.

OVER 15: IND 84/0 (Rahane 44* Dhawan 33*) The Mystery of Edwin Drood
and Edgar Wallace have zero on a poser of England’s fastest bowler
Steve Finn entrance on to play after Hurdy Gurney and a Jimmy. Not that this
over would assistance my evidence out that he has to open a conflict as Rahane
sits on a behind feet and smacks a final spin of a over, an attempted
bouncer, for 6 over midwicket. Dougie Walters!

OVER 14: IND 75/0 (Rahane 37* Dhawan 32*) Moeen Ali is milked for an
easy 5 singles. They come down a representation to him and use their wrists to
impulse him into a gaps for singles.

OVER 13: IND 70/0 (Rahane 34* Dhawan 30*) Afternoon everyone, At long
final Shikhar Dhawan has found his mojo, creaming Steven Finn loyal down
a belligerent for four. People are observant that England are a disorder during the
50-over game. It’s distant worse than that. It’s not group v boys or sheep and
goats so most as thoroughbreds and donkeys. They are spectacularly poor, in
philosophy, preference and execution. They should possibly acknowledge that they
cruise Test cricket their priority and use their substantial resources to
rise a devise to lapse to a No1 ranking or get with rest of a world
and try to contest in all 3 formats

OVER 12: IND 65/0 (Rahane 33* Dhawan 26*) He was a sole superb spot
with a bat – can Mo Ali do it with a ball? Starts with 3 leg byes,
decent things nonetheless no dangers for a batsmen in a five-run over. we am going
to palm we over to Rob Bagchi for a rest of a day. Cheers.

OVER 11: IND 60/0 (Rahane 32* Dhawan 25*) Quiet over from Finn with
usually 3 off it.

OVER 10: IND 57/0 (Rahane 31* Dhawan 25*) Chris Woakes comes into the
attack… and shortly wishes that he hadn’t. First spin is too full on on leg
stump, easy shave divided for 4 by Dhawan. Then it’s too brief and wide
outward off, 4 again. Couple of balls later, Woakes switches behind to the
leg side, and that’s milked divided for 4 as well. Not brilliant.

OVER 9: IND 45/0 (Rahane 31* Dhawan 13*) Rahane pulls Finn, hold of
good happening as a spin penetrates a legside margin not distant from Mooen Ali
during block leg. Jay says:

E-mailIf Cook’s got any integrity left in, him he should step down from test
captaincy and retire from ODI t20 formats altogether. we used to really
like him as exam batsmen, nonetheless afterwards he’s spin this so called captain whom
usually seem to have ECB’s, don’t unequivocally wanna start on them, support. If he’s
a loyal Englishmen who would put his nation before himself and his agendas
and retire for good from brief format of a game.

OVER 8: IND 41/0 (Rahane 27* Dhawan 13*) Oh yes, Dhawan. Lovely drive
by a offside for four, and a integrate of good judged singles. Men
opposite boys during a moment. Rob Ryan writes:

E-mailAdam Lyth, a destiny of English Test cricket, has usually scored 251 v
Lancashire. Perhaps we could switch to commentating on a Roses match
instead – it competence give us all something to feel some-more carefree about…

OVER 7: IND 35/0 (Rahane 26* Dhawan 8*) Cook turns to Finn nonetheless it
doesn’t stop a bleeding. Rahane with a shot of a day now, a simply
pleasant on-drive that usually purrs to a boundary, all category and timing,
he frequency changed his shoulders or arms. The Indian openers also arrangement their
English counterparts how critical it is to stagger a strike early in an
innings, with 3 singles.

OVER 6: IND 28/0 (Rahane 21* Dhawan 6*) Dhawan has been struggling for
form and timing, nonetheless there’s zero wrong with this neat shave off a legs
that brings him 4 runs, a prominence of an eight-run over from Gurney
that includes a wide. England going down to a array improved with 20 overs to
gangling during this rate.

OVER 5: IND 20/0 (Rahane 19* Dhawan 1*) Heavens above, what an over!
Rahane has put James Anderson to a sword and England now have serious
problems, as if they didn’t already. Four fours in a over, all of them out
of a tip drawer, 3 flicked by leg and one glided by the
covers, grand batting, and not all of those bounds came off bad balls.

OVER 4: IND 4/0 (Rahane 3* Dhawan 1*) Rahane some-more wary in this
Gurney over, there’s usually one off it, and here’s an email from Ron Seale.

E-mailWill England ever impulse ODI cricket? Nope. What needs to be done? hang the
lot of them including a ECB. Are these a group for a job? Nope.

Captial punishment, engaging new proceed to improving group performance.

OVER 3: IND 3/0 (Rahane 2* Dhawan 1*) Jimmy entertains brief hopes of
an LBW when he jags one behind in to Dhawan, nonetheless there was a substantial
inside edge. A good maiden. Would maybe be good to see some-more than one slip
and a gully, nonetheless in fairness, a spin isn’t doing a outrageous amount.

OVER 2: IND 3/0 (Rahane 2* Dhawan 1*) I am unequivocally anticipating that Harry
Gurney develops into a regular, we could unequivocally do with a left-armer. He’s a
bit all arms and legs during a impulse nonetheless when it all comes together… Here
he is, left-arm over, Rahane not treating him with most respect, flashing at
a integrate as they go on past him with a angle, joining with one for a
smeary single.

OVER 1: IND 1/0(Rahane 1* Dhawan 0*) Quiet start, Anderson accurate as
per common nonetheless no vital representation to pronounce of.

14.19 And here come Cooky and a boys. They simply have to play India
out; it’s out of a doubt that they can shorten a Indians.

14.15 England will start their try to urge a indefensible
shortly. Here’s Andrew Beardsley:

E-mailI’m not authorised to swear around work e-mails so i’m not going to contend anything.

14.08 This is my favourite email of a day so far, from Pennie and
Angie during Edgbaston:

E-mailDrop ready as captain and get some passion back! we am during Edgbaston ! The
prosecco has some-more sparkle than a England team!!

And Phil has also had enough:

E-mailOK, a box can be finished for Cook to stay as captain of a Test side, albeit
a rather diseased one. But certainly currently contingency symbol a watershed in a one-day
diversion – for tactical ineptitude, for doing a same thing over and over again
and removing a same result. And if that is a case, who should lift the
can if not a captain?

14.06 Sky are doing a masterclass with Jos Buttler. He’s doing some
engaging things with Michael Vaughan, revelation him about how he changes his
angles and stances to understanding with a packaged offside field, explaining about his
ramp shots and so on.

ENGLAND ALL OUT FOR 206 (49.3 overs) Another bad batting arrangement from
England, nonetheless with a spin this time: they were some-more or reduction finished after eight
overs, some unequivocally good new spin bowling from B Kumar shortening them to 23/3.
The spin contingent of Ashwin, Jadeja and Raina afterwards practical a informed squeeze,
nonetheless Mooen Ali gave England wish with a swashbuckling 67 that was in a
opposite joining to his colleagues. Once he fell, it was usually a matter of
time and England will once again have to urge not many. At slightest this
time, let’s wish they go on a all-out descent and try to play India out,
rather than duplicate what they did in a final compare where England seemed to
be perplexing to extent a net run rate.

Let’s squeeze a few of your emails, contemptible we didn’t get spin to them earlier. 27
overs of spin always make a blogs rather fevered. Also, we was spending
utterly a lot of a time irreverence during England’s batsmen and kicking things.
Over to you, Chris Shaw:

E-mailAll of these one dayers , illustrate that India unequivocally don’t like Test
Cricket , nonetheless come alive in a shorter versions of a diversion , due in no
little partial to a purpose of IPL in their cricket. Whilst we still play a lot
of incomprehensible county cricket.

Madmadrasi G has a perspective from India:

E-mailThere is zero startling about a travails of England’s Cricket in the
ODI series, solely a amazement of a English Cricket watchers – both
a open and a sportswriters.

Many of us behind home in India unequivocally good knew that it was MS Dhoni’s inept
Test captaincy that authorised a only-marginally reduction amateurish Alastair
Cook to retreive a belligerent after a Lord’s Test. The elementary fact is both
Cook and Dhoni are unqualified of exerting vigour on a antithesis in a
Test match. They simply do not know how.

In a ODI or T20, MS Dhoni is a opposite animal. The limitation on the
overs (50 or 20) for a antithesis to bat on frees his mind, gives him a
transparent idea, and his strategy afterwards are utterly meticulous. Cook is not baked
that way, and he continues to be a chick in a woods either it is in a
Test, ODI or T20.

So for a forseeable future, India will continue to be a vital (perhaps
even dominant) actor in ODI and T20. In a Test match, India will struggle,
maybe even in home conditions, opposite a tip category side like Australia.

England will continue to onslaught in ODI T20 opposite improved opponents
– that is most everybody solely Zimbabwe Bangladesh (of a Test
personification nations). In Tests, England again will be flustered opposite truly
good sides – Aussies and Saffers, and onslaught opposite teams who have their
act together – like Sri Lanka, and take their chances opposite others, like

Ray Chiverton, meanwhile, says:

E-mailI am examination a diversion on Sky…or should we contend we was! we have had to spin it
off as a adverts are pushing me crazy. The unchanging rule of the
prosaic overdub on a cricketers during a finish of durations of play combined to the
‘What do we wish to play on?’ ads are brainwashing to a extreme…..and
would substantially be criminialized in Guantanamo Bay……. (And given do we have to have
ads enlivening a competition to gamble?). So….what’s a score?

WicketWICKET! Gurney b Shami 3 Full and straight, representation and a miss, and
that’s a finish of that 206/10.

OVER 49: ENG 206/9 (Anderson 1* Gurney 3*) England’s tailenders block
it out until a tighten of play and wish that sleet intervenes tomorrow.

OVER 48: ENG 203/9 (Anderson 0* Gurney 1*) The throng go furious when
Anderson pats a spin behind to his rivalry Jadeja, who catches and throws it in
a air. Alas, it was a strike ball, that would have been a humorous and fitting
finish to another decaying England batting arrangement (Mooen aside).

WicketWICKET! Finn b Jadeja 2 Well bowled, Jadeja. Think it is satisfactory to say
that this spin was too good for Finn. Pitches center and leg, rips divided to
skip a off stump. FInny is uncowed though. Next ball, same ball. Pitches
middle, Finn has a outrageous slog, fails to bond as a spin turns and this
time it hasn’t incited utterly so much. Off branch smashed. Stupid from Finn
given a spin before it, what a berk. FOW 202/9

OVER 47: ENG 202/8 (Finn 3* Anderson 0*) Three off a over, now odds
opposite that England will bat out their fifty.

WicketWICKET! Moeen Ali b Ashwin 67 Oh, good that’s a finish of that. Mooen
miles down a track, quicker ball, large representation and a miss, bowled Ashwin.
Would have been stumped by 3 yards. FOW 201/8

OVER 46: ENG 199/7 (Ali 66* Finn 2*) Down to a bowlers. The Watford
Wall is certainly about 3 places too high during array nine, isn’t he? Five
off a Shami over. Evan Dunn:

E-mailOnly usually remembered a diversion was on and checked a blog – wish we hadn’t!!
Cook MUST go. England are on a misfortune kind of slide. Worse still a last
3 currently can’t bat for toffee

OVER 45: ENG 194/7 (Ali 63*) Earlier in that over, Mooen had hit
another good 4 nonetheless Woakes substantially can't have too many complaints,
becuase he had been forsaken by a bowler Ashwin, a cb possibility that he
substantially should have got.

WicketWICKET Woakes run out 10 It’s that male Suresh Raina again with yet
another bit of brilliance. This is a same Suresh Raina who looked such a
lumpen cowardy custard a final time India toured here, right? Mooen cut it
to third man, Raina was on it in a peep and he scored with a proceed hit
as Woakes desperately attempted to get to a keeper’s finish for a singular that was
not there. FOW 194/7

OVER 44: ENG 188/6 (Ali 58* Woakes 9*) Five off a Jadeja over.

OVER 43: ENG 183/6 (Ali 55* Woakes 7*) Do my eyes mistreat me? An
England spinner, regulating a full abyss of a double to spin – rocking back
now to pound a clever six, and also dancing brazen to work a spin on the
front foot. 11 runs off a over, and one hopes that Mo’s batting colleagues
are watching, given this is how to do it v spin in ODIs. For a first
time in a series, a likes of Raina (who goes for 11 in this over) and
Jadeja are finished to demeanour like a part-time spinners they are. Mo reaches a
crunching half century with that 6 – a initial fifty by an England batsman
this series. What a grave stat.

OVER 42: ENG 171/6 (Ali 47* Woakes 4*) Jadeja bowls. Ali is playing
unequivocally well, judging length from a spinners expertly.

OVER 41: ENG 167/6 (Ali 45* Woakes 1*) Everyone calms down after the
powerplay and there are 3 runs off a Raina over.

OVER 40pp: ENG 164/6 (Ali 43* Woakes 0*) It looked for a notation that we
would have to mangle out a bunting for an unblemished batting powerplay,
nonetheless a shonky umpiring preference has finished a business. Still, fun strike from
Moeen Ali so far.

WicketWICKET! Buttler lbw b Mohammed Shami 11 Ah, a aged enemy drinks, and a
bowling change, has finished a business. Ball nips behind off a join and hits
Jos – high, it looks to me. Hawk Eye agrees. But Paul Reifell pulls the
trigger and that’s a finish of that. FOW 164/6

OVER 39pp: ENG 159/5 (Buttler 11* Ali 38*) England, excellence be, have
scored 9 runs in an over for a fourth uninterrupted over! Largely thanks
to another superb shot from Mo, a loyal 6 off Ashwin. Drinks.

OVER 38pp: ENG 150/5 (Buttler 10* Ali 30*) Two good tranquil legside
shots from Mo, a integrate and afterwards a 4 for a well-struck sweep. Buttler
unequivocally most Moeen’s bag-man during a moment, he takes a singular off a one ball
he faces; in fact he’s usually faced 3 balls in 3 overs.

OVER 37pp: ENG 141/5 (Buttler 9* Ali 23*) Shot Moeen! Ashwin drops it a
bit short, nonetheless a credit is to a batsman for a clever pulled six. 18 off
a PP so distant and Mooen is going good guns.

OVER 36pp: ENG 132/5 (Buttler 8* Ali 15*) Two superb drives on a up
from Moeen, a initial a four, a second a two. He and buttler manage
singles off all 4 remaining Kularni deliveries and that’s a useful
nine-run start to a dreaded powerplay.

OVER 35: ENG 123/5 (Buttler 7* Ali 7*) A five-runner off Raina takes us
adult to a powerplay.

OVER 34: ENG 118/5 (Buttler 6* Ali 3*) Dhoni turns behind to pace,
Kulkarni behind into a attack. He brings a gully in for Mooen, who drives
loosely during a ball. It flies between gully and behind point. Not to pick
on an particular as such, nonetheless England unequivocally do fumble into traps in ODI
cricket. Opposing skippers contingency unequivocally suffer personification opposite us: pierce a man,
watch a spin go to him. we essentially trust that a England set-up is
producing a multiply of lesser cricketer who can't cruise on his feet
and is left wanting opposite a streetwise or fickle opponent. We’ve seen
it time and again when an competition produces something out of a typical or
poses a doubt that isn’t in a manual. Our boys are dogs in a cat’s
world, in singular over cricket during least.

OVER 33: ENG 115/5 (Buttler 5* Ali 1*) Mike Atherton with an excellent
indicate about a Root dismissal. “It’s not so most a shot we object
to, a legitimate shot and partial of any batsman’s armoury these days, nonetheless the
choice of it to that field.” Indeed, with an additional cover and a male at
point, it does seem doubtful that we are going to get a four. Lot of risk
for a single, basically.

WicketWICKET! Root c b Raina 44 The reliable retreat brush does a business
nonetheless again for an England batsman, Root top-edging it to Kulkarni for a dolly
locate during behind indicate and ensuring that England will tackle a powerplay
with dual unset group during a crease. FOW 114/5

OVER 32: ENG 112/4 (Root 43* Buttler 4*) And Ashwin likewise, another
four-run over. The batting powerplay looms in a behind of England minds like
a outing to a proctologist. Dhoni is shuffling his container of spinners again,
Raina to play a subsequent one.

OVER 31: ENG 108/4 (Root 41* Buttler 2*) Jadeja’s doing a glorious job, he
hurries by another four-run set.

OVER 30: ENG 104/4 (Root 38* Buttler 0*) So usually one from a Ashwin
over, this is a theatre of a innings where your loyal live blogger
struggles to keep adult as England grub and India bustle.

OVER 29: ENG 103/4 (Root 38* Buttler 0*) So Morgan comes and goes for a
artistic strike that eventually unsuccessful to deliver. Can Buttler get things
unequivocally moving? Starts with 4 dot balls.

WicketWICKET! Morgan c Raina b Jadeja 33 Oh, Eoin. Dhoni has had a leg slip
roughly all summer, either it was doing any good or not, nonetheless Morgan has
blundered into a trap. A dart from Jadeja, Morgan comes a prolonged proceed across
his stumps and flicks it loyal and loyal into a hands of a reliable
Raina during leg slip. The dissapointing thing about that from Morgs was the
feeling of like “you DID see that there was a bloke station there,
right?” A accessible 80-run mount is broken. FOW 103/4

OVER 28: ENG 102/3 (Root 37* Morgan 33*) Dhoni again fails to amass a
far-reaching down leg, not observant that he should have finished necessarily, a two
wides England get with that are assimilated by 5 singles and a diversion trots
along quickly nonetheless rather unexcitingly.

OVER 27: ENG 95/3 (Root 33* Morgan 32*) That was close! Morgan went for
a retreat sweep, missed it, and was scarcely bowled leg branch by Jadeja. Four
off it.

OVER 26: ENG 91/3 (Root 31* Morgan 30*) Raina on for a bowl. Varying
his gait well, he keeps England to 4 singles. India rattling through
these spin overs, England calm to accumulate.

OVER 25: ENG 87/3 (Root 29* Morgan 28*) Five stress-free runs,
including a wide, off Jadeja.

OVER 24: ENG 82/3 (Root 28* Morgan 25*) Lovely batting from Morgan,
arrangement a integrate of those glimpses that have mostly suggested he could be a
truly good ODI batsman. Nails a retreat brush that sadly finds a fielder,
nonetheless it has a knock-on outcome of unsettling a bowler – as does a shot
subsequent spin when he strides down a representation and lofts a spin over additional cover
for four. Follows it with another retreat brush for two. Creative, bold,

OVER 23: ENG 75/3 (Root 27* Morgan 19*) A singular to Joe Root brings up
a) a fifty partnership as this span try to eke out a quater-way decent
sum and b) 1000 ODI runs for a Yorkshireman. It’s one of 3 singles
in a Jadeja over, Morgan’s entrance when he fails to bond scrupulously with a
adorned retreat sweep.

OVER 22: ENG 72/3 (Root 25* Morgan 18*) Four singles off R Ashwin.

OVER 21: ENG 68/3 (Root 23* Morgan 16*) The impossibly large Rav
Jadeja enters a fray. Around a wicket to Morgan. First spin is a ripper!
Morgs goes back, maybe should have been forward, it turns large and hits him
on a pad. Saved on height. England some-more positive opposite a rest of the
over, 5 low-risk runs from it.

OVER 20: ENG 63/3 (Root 20* Morgan 14*) Ashwin seems tobe carrying a
problem with a lefty-righty combo, his lines aren’t right in this over.
Indeed, a initial spin is good down leg, Dhoni can’t amass and England have
a integrate of freebie runs.

OVER 19: ENG 59/3 (Root 19* Morgan 13*) Two glorious shots from
Morgan, one off a pads and one by a offside to dual assuage balls
form Shami. Fours apiece. Good things Morgs.

OVER 18: ENG 49/3 (Root 19* Morgan 4*) SPINNER ALERT SPINNER ALERT.
Brace yourselves lads. Ashwin into a attack. Single to Morgan. Rashers
rips one and Root is strike on a pa, a spin would have left over the

OVER 17: ENG 48/3 (Root 19* Morgan 3*) Brace of twos into a offside
for immature Joe Root, putting Indian slowcoach R Ashwin underneath pressure. Time
was, not prolonged ago, when they were all Ashwins in a field. Not now. This is
a unequivocally prohibited fielding outfit, as good as their other skills. Anyhow, four
off a over, and time for a drink. Brandy.

OVER 16: ENG 44/3 (Root 15* Morgan 3*) Kulkarni continues. Oh goodness,
England haven’t even had to face a spinner yet. This unequivocally is bad. Three
off a over.

OVER 15: ENG 41/3 (Root 12* Morgan 3*) Root gets a integrate with a back
feet expostulate nonetheless now calls Morgs for a parsimonious singular into a covers that would
have seen a Irishman on his bike had a proceed strike hit. What is the
scold tenure for a unsuccessful proceed hit? Kumar into his eighth over. I’d be
tempted to play him out if we were MSD.

OVER 14: ENG 38/3 (Root 9* Morgan 3*) Three off Kulkarni, who has found
his operation and radar improved in this second brief spell, one wide

OVER 13: ENG 35/3 (Root 9* Morgan 1*) Root! Edges a spin between the
slips, propitious blighter, and picks adult an ill-gotten four. Beaten on a inside
corner a integrate of balls later.

OVER 12: ENG 31/3 (Root 5* Morgan 1*) Kulkarni returns, and this is a
improved over. Morgan entrance a prolonged proceed opposite a stumps, beaten once outside
off. A singular to any batsman.

OVER 11: ENG 29/3 (Root 4* Morgan 0*) Root faces all 6 balls in this
over, handling a easily driven 4 down a ground. Kumar glorious again,
he’s got dual for 7 off 6 overs of accurate representation bowling. Phil

E-mailWhat a bucket of aged tosh!! Methods wrong. Team wrong. Style wrong. And the
regulation are arrangement it. How about a ECB arise adult and give a guys that
indeed merit a go in this one day side a chance!

OVER 10: ENG 25/3 (Root 0* Morgan 0*) Well that’s a finish of the
‘power’ ‘play’, and England are once again in a right aged two-and-eight.
Shami has a magnitude of Morgan, twice, in that over, once beaten outside
a off, once squared up

OVER 9: ENG 23/3 (Root 0* Morgan 0*) Root sees out a lass against
Kumar. This is not going to be most fun. John McEnerney writes:

E-mailHi Alan, Eng need to make a large large magnitude to unequivocally clap India nonetheless can’t
see it! The Indian summer has arrived for India in this ODI series. Come out
all guns blazing is what is indispensable from Eng usually give it welly. India
have a bit between their teeth and watch them keep it there. Another bad
day for Eng methinks nonetheless we never know! Oh nonetheless we do know it’ll be “a
travel in a park Kasansky” to quote Tom Cruise from Top Gun!

OVER 8: ENG 23/2 (Root 0*) The operation off a initial spin of that
over, a wicket off a last.

WicketWICKET! Ballance c Rahane b Shami 7 Ballance influenced into action,
pushing a spin by a offside for four, nonetheless that’s about as good as
it is going to get as another one bites a dust. Gary tries to whip the
spin by leg, a spin wobbles a little bit in a atmosphere and he’s lopsided it
off a heading corner to additional cover for four. FOW 23/3 and, barring
Acts of Dog, this compare is over.

OVER 7: ENG 19/2 (Ballance 3* Root 0*) Kumar charity Ballance width
outward off nonetheless a England male not holding any chances yet, there’s a single
and a far-reaching in a over.

OVER 6: ENG 17/2 (Ballance 2* Root 0*) Mohammed Shami comes on for a
plain over that produces a singular off a final ball, to Ballance. And so
starts a long, delayed routine of rebuilding as England puncture in, remove wickets
any 40 mins or so, and afterwards slap a few during a finish to make a “competitive”
235/9 that “could take some chasing on this delayed pitch.”

India to win with 8 overs to spare.

OVER 5: ENG 16/2 (Ballance 1* Root 0*) England in a plight right away,
both openers techincally lacking, India with bespoke skeleton for any player
and an opening bowler who can govern them, corroborated adult by gimlet-eyed
fielding. The disproportion between a Indian Test side and a Indian ODI
side is usually huge.

WicketWICKET! Hales b Kumar 6 Ooh, India have got Alex Hales’s number. They
have figured out that he’s unequivocally clever outward off, nonetheless reduction of a prospect
to a spin entrance behind into him. Kumar produces a good inswinger, Hales is
trapped on a crease, personification opposite a line, and he’s nowhere near
attack this as it smashes into his stumps. See ya. Well bowled. FOW 15/1

… and afterwards …

WicketWICKET! Cook c Raina b Kumar 9 Three balls after and it’s all over for
England’s other opener. Cook tries to run a spin off a face, gets it all
wrong, and Suresh Raina takes a unequivocally intelligent locate during fourth/fifth slip. FOW

OVER 4: ENG 15/0 (Cook 9* Hales 6*) Two bad balls in this over from
a debutant, brief and wide, and Cook cashes in on both occasions for a
prop of offside fours.

OVER 3: ENG 6/0 (Cook 1* Hales 5*) Juicy one from BhuKu that Cook
clatters into a offside, Rahane with a super bit of fielding during extra
cover, diving full-length to save four. Rahane in a diversion again as Cook
mistimes a cut, a same fielder entertainment again. That’s a lass as well.
No gait from a bowler and no gait in a representation so England will need to
figure out how to score.

OVER 2: ENG 6/0 (Cook 1* Hales 5*) Dhawal Kulkarni comes on for his
initial play in an India shirt, and his initial spin is one to forget: a half
bombardment outward offstump that Alex Hales strokes to a operation for four.
Rest of a over is improved though, Hales skewing an inside edge
unconvincingly past his stumps and fishing outward off. Brace of singles.

OVER 1: ENG 0/0 (Cook 0* Hales 0*) A still start. A wordless start, one
competence say, as Cook leaves a array of peaceful outswingers outward off. One
impulse of alarm as he fiddles during a third spin and misses. Not an over we
will be articulate about for years to come, we cruise it is satisfactory to say.

The oldest Test cricketer has died. Norman Gordon, who played 5 Tests for
South Africa in a late thirties, including a 1939 Timeless Test, has
died aged 103. The comparison male is now his countryman Lindsay Tuckett, a
relations youngster during 95.

10.29 Bhuvneshwar Kumar will get us underway. Cook is on strike.

10.25 The teams are out on a pitch. And those teams are:

England: Alastair Cook, Alex Hales, Gary Ballance, Joe Root,
Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Steven Finn, Harry
Gurney, James Anderson.

India: Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Ambati
Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran
Ashwin, Dhawal Kulkarni, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammad Shami.

Umpires: Paul Reiffel and Tim Robinson

10.20 Lovely day adult during Edgbaston.

10.15 For India, a dayboo for Dhawal Kulkarni, a right-arm middle pacer
from Mumbai who has taken 181 initial category wickets during 27. He can bat,
averaging 28 with a bat in his 58 FC matches. Mohit Sharma is a male who
creates way, he picked adult a niggle in a ODI on Saturday.

Cook says that James Tredwell is “very unlucky, nonetheless we need to demeanour at
Moeen.” Poor Tredders. Never lets England down nonetheless is never secure in
his place. He’s like a spinning Bresnan.

10.10 Dhoni says a pitchy looks “sticky” and he fancies
there will be assistance for his seamers initial up. Mike Atherton, though, has a
heartening perspective for England: he says a representation is “a belter” and
England could not have asked for a improved surface. So let’s see how they get
on, then.

10.05 Three changes for England. Moeen Ali comes into a side in the
place of James Tredwell, arguably. Anyway, Tredders misses out. Ian Bell was
strike on a toe during use and is transposed by Gary Ballance. And Ben
Stokes has been forsaken in foster of Harry Gurney.

10.00 Morning. Welcome to a fourth ODI between England and India. The
tourists are dual adult with dual to play so England improved lift their game
flattering considerably during Edgbaston if they are to equivocate array defeat. Stranger
things have happened, of course, nonetheless India go into this as comfortable favourites.
Early news is that Dhawal Kulkarni has been given an ODI cap, misleading during the
time of essay who he will replace. And for England, Ian Bell limped out of
a warm-up so we will have to wait and see if he is fit to take a field.
First things initial though, India have won a toss and will bowl.


England proceed a fourth one-dayer opposite India perplexing to change urgent
mandate in a evident and middle term.

Coach Peter Moores has certified his group face a competition opposite time to turn
themselves into a rival force during a World Cup early subsequent year.

To do so, he needs to fast-track his reconnoitering to locate a winning
regulation – one that has forlorn England spectacularly on their proceed to two
trouncings in a past week.

They therefore route India 2-0 with dual to play – and if they do not win both
remaining fixtures, captain Alastair Cook will have led England to five
unbroken array defeats in bi-lateral one-day general series.

Moores is gripping a faith, in rebuttal of a many critics Cook’s group have
accrued of late, that they can broach some much-needed honour during Edgbaston
on Tuesday and afterwards Headingley on Friday.

“I still cruise we can save a series,” he said. “Obviously,
we’ve had dual unsatisfactory games and we haven’t played good adequate in both
– we know that.

“In dual or 3 opposite areas of a game, we haven’t unequivocally played as
good as we wanted to.”

The strike rates of Cook, Ian Bell and maybe Joe Root too are of particular
regard – as is a common frailty opposite spin after losing 13 wickets to
India’s delayed bowlers in defeats during Cardiff and Trent Bridge.

Another improved would usually boost a pressure, on a captain especially.

“Our idea is to try to pull this array now, nonetheless also to ready for a
World Cup in 6 months’ time – so we’ve got both on a go,” said

“We’ve got to be means to code a right people in a right slots to
play a code of cricket players feel they can deliver, and be successful
(with) opposite a best teams.”

Alan Tyers will be here from 10am to pierce we build adult and over-by-over

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