Egypt to Try Morsi for Leaking Secrets to Qatar

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Egypt has charged suspended boss Mohamed Morsi with leaking inhabitant confidence secrets to Qatar – nonetheless another crackdown on him and his criminialized Muslim Brotherhood.

The nation’s tip prosecutor says Morsi and 10 co-defendants will go on hearing for providing Qatari comprehension with supportive papers during his year in office. A comparison executive for a Qatar-owned al-Jazeera radio network is among those charged.

Saturday’s matter says a box represents a largest act of fraud a Muslim Brotherhood has carried out opposite a nation.

The prosecutor says a leaked papers enclosed sum about a Egyptian army and a weapons.

Morsi is already in jail confronting 3 additional trials and could be condemned to death. He has been detained given his ouster in Jul of final year by then-army arch Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, who was inaugurated boss progressing this year.

On Saturday, President Sissi urged Egyptians to be studious following a large energy outage. Thursday’s hours-long energy outage blacked out many of Cairo.

Power outages were a cause that contributed to protests final year perfectionist Morsi’s ouster.

Three years of domestic disturbance in Egypt, starting with a 2011 overthrow that defeated longtime boss Hosni Mubarak, have wreaked massacre on a country’s economy.


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