Edmonton mass murder: 6 adults, 2 children dead

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The killings of 6 adults and dual children in Edmonton were committed by a suspect with a stolen 9mm handgun, military arch Rod Knecht conspicuous in a news discussion Tuesday night. 

The victims were found in dual apart residences in Edmonton Monday night. The masculine military trust obliged was found passed by self-murder in a grill in a circuitously city of Fort Saskatchewan on Tuesday morning. Knecht conspicuous a masculine had a rapist record dating behind to 1987.

“It appears to be an impassioned box of domestic assault left awry,” he said, stressing that there was no justification of squad links. He conspicuous a slayings were designed and deliberate. 

Edmonton Deaths

Police examine during a grill in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., on Tuesday. The stage is conspicuous to be associated to mixed deaths that occurred in a north Edmonton home overnight. (Jason Franson/Canadian Press)

 Knecht conspicuous a initial physique found by police, now identified as Cyndi Duong, 37, was found by military officers responding to a weapons censure in south Edmonton around 6:53 p.m. Monday. A masculine entered a home and shot a woman, who was conspicuous passed during a scene, he said. 

Police afterwards perceived a call to check on a gratification of a masculine during a home located during 83rd Street and 180 Avenue in north Edmonton. 

“According to family, a masculine seemed vexed and overly emotional,” Knecht said. “The family was endangered that a masculine might be suicidal.”

When military arrived, a masculine wasn’t there, Knecht said. Then during 12:23 a.m., military went behind to a home and detected the bodies of 7 people: three women, dual group and dual children – a child and a girl.

The adults found passed were between a ages of 25 and 50, with a children underneath a age of 10.

At 2:20 a.m., military went to a grill in Fort Saskatchewan. There they found a car relating a outline of a one owned by a suicidal male, who had a tie to a restaurant. 

The masculine was found passed inside when military entered a grill during 8:45 a.m. Tuesday. Knecht conspicuous a masculine died in an apparent suicide. He conspicuous military are not looking for other suspects in a slayings. 

Autopsies on a remaining victims are scheduled for Jan. 1.

Police have not described a relations between a victims and a masculine who committed suicide. Knecht conspicuous this was a biggest mass murder in Edmonton given 6 people were slain in 1956.

The gun used in a slaying was purebred in British Columbia in 1997 and stolen from Surrey in 2006. Knecht conspicuous a think had a business seductiveness in a grill where he was found dead. 

Neighbours listened fighting 

People in Fort Saskatchewan became wakeful of a military participation early Tuesday morning. The downtown core of a city northeast of Edmonton was closed. The area has reopened, though military fasten remained around a VN Express Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant.


A tiny commemorative was set adult outward a north Edmonton where 5 adults and dual children were killed Monday night. (Leah Larocque/CBC News )

A Mercedes SUV with a crushed side window was parked outside. 

Fort Saskatchewan proprietor Bonnie Peet initial beheld military around 6 a.m.

“My whole highway in front of my place was blocked off, so we knew  something was going on and afterwards it got lighter out …and we see military going adult and down a alleys,” she said.

Another proprietor conspicuous that a helicopter could be listened encircling beyond early Tuesday morning.

A lady who works during a grill opposite a travel conspicuous she saw military expostulate a tactical section by a grill door. 

People who live subsequent to a home in north Edmonton contend a woman, a grandmother and dual school-aged children lived there. The neighbours conspicuous they listened domestic arguments inside a home subsequent door. Once they heard a masculine and lady fighting in a street. 

“We knew a ex-husband didn’t live there anymore,” neighbour Murray Schermack said. 

Resident Maria Melo said it’s a kind of village where people contend hi to one another.

North Edmonton questionable death

Investigators sojourn on stage during a north Edmonton home where 7 bodies were found. (Lydia Neufeld/CBC)

“We don’t revisit or nothing, though it’s only a good neighbourhood,” she said.”It’s so unhappy to hear about that family. It’s unequivocally really sad.”

In the Haddow community in south Edmonton, where a initial chairman was killed, residents voiced regard for a children who lived in a home. The 3 children mostly played with others in a neighbourhood.

Police conspicuous they are in a protected place.

“We’re all disturbed by it and wondering about how a family is doing,” Frank Engley said.

RCMP are also questioning a genocide in an industrial area nearby Sherwood Park where a physique was found in a burned-out car on Tuesday morning. It does not seem to be associated to a other crimes. 

Edmonton deaths


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