E! Halts Production on ‘Keeping Up with a Kardashians’ Following Kim’s Robbery

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“Keeping Up with a Kardashians” Season 12

*Production on E!’s “Keeping Up with a Kardashians” has been close down indefinitely following Kim Kardashian’s spoliation during gunpoint in Paris, reports Variety.

“Kim’s contentment is a core concentration right now. No preference has been done as to when prolongation will resume,” pronounced a orator for E!.

The existence uncover earnings on Oct. 23 with a second half of Season 12. As of now, that premiere date will not be pushed back, in light of prolongation temporarily stopping.

The network declined to criticism on either cameras were rolling in Paris during a time of a robbery.

Kim, her sister Kourtney Kardashian and their mother, Kris Jenner, were in Paris for Fashion Week on Monday when masked group entered Kim’s Paris hotel room on during around 3 a.m. They tied adult her hands and feet and sealed her in a lavatory before absconding with some-more than $10 million of valuables and other valuables, including dungeon phones.

Her husband, Kanye West, was sensitive of a puncture during his concert, and abruptly bolted from a theatre to tend to his mother and family. The integrate is now en track behind to their home in Los Angeles, and has kept a low form given a frightful incident.

Kardashian has been radio wordless on amicable media given a robbery. Earlier this week, military in Paris told The Associated Press that Kim may have been attacked as a outcome of flash her resources on amicable media.

“Clearly when we have a star like Kim Kardashian who has, we think, some-more than 48 million supporters on Twitter … we consider this could have happened abroad only as simply as in Paris. It was unequivocally a luminary who was targeted, with security that had been seen and beheld around amicable media, and it was these products that a enemy targeted,” Paris military mouthpiece Johanna Primevert told a AP.

On Wednesday, Kourtney posted a thoroughfare from her daily request book on Twitter clearly in propinquity to a robbery, and on Tuesday, Caitlyn Jenner wrote on Instagram, “Love my girl! After conference a full story, I’m so grateful she’s okay.”

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