DraftKings Live is a news aggregator that tailors itself to your anticipation football team

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Today during Disrupt SF 2016, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins sat down with TechCrunch’s Fitz Tepper to speak about a destiny of a Fantasy sports site, rising a whole new mobile app from a stage.

Robins also reliable that DraftKings is still in “on and off” talks to combine with FanDuel, a biggest competitor, and has been for “the past year and a half or so.” But “it’s really difficult to put dual companies together,” remarkable Robins, “especially dual companies in an attention that is so fast changing.”

DraftKings’ new iOS app, DK Live, is a sports news aggregator that works in tandem with DraftKings’ anticipation platform. It focuses on display we news associated to a players we now have on your team.

It’s a large step adult from a use like ESPN that shows we anticipation news for all players in a whole league. It also shows we highlights usually associated to players that you’ve drafted, so we don’t have to manually arrange by throngs of stats usually looking for a ones associated to your players.

In short, DraftKings has figured out how to use a singular information it has entrance to (what players are on your group during any given time) to emanate a tradition knowledge for any users.

While right now many of a news is usually many-sided from existent daily anticipation sports sites like Rotowire, DraftKings has large skeleton to supplement strange content, including video.

As anticipation sports are typically played usually once a week (at slightest for football), users are checking anticipation news and stats all week prolonged — a robe that DraftKings is clearly perplexing to daub here. Launching DK Live is a initial step to becoming a association that is means to possess a whole lifecycle of a sports fan’s experience.

While a app usually supports NFL anticipation games for now, a association eventually wants DK Live to turn a news end for all sports.

You can find DK Live on the iOS app store here. Meanwhile, we did a live demo of a app shortly after it was announced on stage:

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