Doug Marrone’s weird off-season continues as he takes Jaguars OL job

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Doug Marrone only got hired as an partner conduct coach/offensive line manager for a Jacksonsville Jaguars.

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Good for him! If he works genuine tough and does a good job, maybe one day he’ll work his approach adult to a conduct coaching position. And maybe it will be with a good group or during slightest an up-and-coming one.

Wait a minute. He already had all that — reduction than a month ago, before startling many everybody by opting out of his agreement with a Buffalo Bills after dual seasons.

That’s a same Bills group that finished 9-7 for a initial winning deteriorate in a decade and was in a playoff competition compartment a really final week of a season.

Sure, quarterback Kyle Orton has given retired, though that hardly seems like a reason for a conduct coach, who is pronounced to have had a support of a Bills’ new owners, to only travel away.

Speculation was that Marrone contingency have had a inside lane on another conduct coaching job. He’s pronounced to have interviewed with a New York Jets, according to mixed media reports, as good as a San Francisco 49ers, though both those teams went in another direction.

So now Marrone’s an descent line coach, a same position he hold for mixed teams as he was operative his approach up, before apropos an descent coordinator with a New Orleans Saints in 2006 and conduct manager during Syracuse in 2009.

Plus, he supposed that position with a Jaguars, who don’t even have an descent coordinator during this indicate … and are anything though a good or up-and-coming team.

But Marrone will still get $4 million from a Bills for a 2015 season, interjection to an opt-out proviso in his contract. And he will do so while remaining in a joining though in a comparatively low-pressure position for a group that many people don’t even compensate courtesy to.

Maybe life is indeed flattering good for Doug Marrone.

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