Dodger Stadium’s large tent ripping on Vin Scully’s final day

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LOS ANGELES – Vin Scully’s Dodger Stadium farewell finished in strain – and a fourth uninterrupted National League West pretension – yet his final promote from Chavez Ravine incited into a colorful sendoff in other tools of a track ripping with 51,000 romantic Dodger fans.

For instance, there was Mark Morocco, a landscaper from Palm Springs who hold a pointer that read, “Vin: Please pointer my Vin Scully tatoo (sic)!”

Morocco, 31, carried his shirt, divulgence a tattoo of Scully holding his microphone subsequent to a palm tree. “I got it for a small good luck,’’ Morocco told USA TODAY Sports, and of Scully’s retirement Morocco said, “It won’t be a same, man.’’

Morocco was among some-more than 100 fans who started entertainment in a seventh inning circuitously a conveyor where Scully traditionally has exited after games. Fans didn’t sunder for roughly an hour notwithstanding repeating what Dodgers fans dreaded to hear: Vin has left a building.

Apparently for good.

Before a diversion started, a late sports author exchanged plesantries with Scully and said, “You’ll be out here as a fan subsequent season.’’

Grinning sheepishly, Scully paused before answering.

“I doubt it,’’ he said.

His final day in Dodger Stadium as a team’s broadcaster started in prayer.

Mass appeal

At about 10 a.m., when Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and Yasiel Puig stepped on an conveyor that took them to a hall level. Scully kick them there by during slightest half an hour, nearing in time for Sunday mass that starts during 9:30 a.m. inside a temporary chapel.

A righteous Catholic, Scully was presented with a framed design of a Pope Francis and, as has turn tradition, rubbed a service’s initial reading — from a Book of a Prophet Amos.

He also has narrated “The Most Holy Rosary of a Blessed Virgin Mary,’’ that will be accessible on CD Monday. Said Kevin O’Malley, a MLB Ministry Coordinator of Catholic Athletes for Christ, “It’s a biggest story told by a biggest storyteller alive.’’

Better half in a booth 

This week, Scully had a new further to a counter — his wife, Sandra, who has sat a quarrel behind her father during any of a Dodgers’ 7 games. In a fourth inning, several of Scully’s grandchildren paid a revisit and wrapped their grandpa in hugs.

Scully’s swan song

Even yet he’s deliberate baseball’s master wordsmith, he borrowed someone else’s difference to constraint his sentiment. On a doorway of his promote booth, he taped a duplicate of a “The Parting Glass,’’ an Irish folks strain mostly sung to symbol a farewell.

Sample lyrics:

And all I’ve finished for for wish of wit
To memory now we can’t recall
So fill to me a interruption glass
Good night and fun be with we all

Goodbye means goodbye

When Scully walked out of Dodger Stadium on Sunday, it competence be for good. Before a diversion started, a late sports author exchanged pleasantries with Scully and said, “You’ll be out here as a fan subsequent season.’’

Grinning sheepishly, Scully paused before answering.

“I doubt it,’’ he said.

Age-old observation

Scully, 88, intermittently pokes fun during his modernized age. But he wasn’t a oldest man in a ballpark on Sunday.

Joe Nanez, a late Southern Pacific Railroad worker, had central explain Sunday to a pretension of “Oldest Vin Scully Fan during Dodger Stadium.’’ Nanez was sitting in a left margin pavilion with his 3 children and several other family members in partial to compensate reverence to Scully, to whom Nanez pronounced he initial listened to when a Dodgers were personification in Brooklyn.

“Very special,’’ Nanez, who lives in circuitously La Puente, pronounced of being in assemblage during Dodger Stadium for Scully’s final broadcast.

For a record, Scully turns 89 on Nov. 29 — 3 weeks after Nanez turns 98.

Days are numbered

Legions of fans wore Scully T-shirts, and some wore Dodger jerseys with his name and No. 67, a series of years Scully has promote for a Dodgers.

Late-night personality

Scully was a star, yet heads incited when Arsenio Hall and George Lopez descended on an escalator before a diversion and headed for their seats.

Before a tip of a 8 inning, a scoreboard camera zeroed in on Hall and Lopez. Lopez forsaken dejected peanuts on Lopez, who stood adult and non-stop his Dodger jersey, divulgence a T-shirt embossed with a design of Scully. The throng cheered.


During a seventh inning stretch, Vin Scully’s available  rendition of “Take Me Out to a Ballgame” energized a crowd. When a strain ended, Scully waved from his roost in a promote booth, eliciting cheers and chants of “Vin! Vin! Vin!”

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