Doctor Who: Dark Water, review: ‘bone-rattling’

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Danny had an inspiring flashback to a Afghan war, one of several joltingly
emotional, lump-in-throat moments. There was even a lick that left the
Doctor disorder and Clara smirking in annoy of herself.

The fool punch came with Missy’s unmasking: she incited out to be a Timelord,
or Timelady, her name “short for Mistress – well, we couldn’t really good be
job myself a Master, could I?” Yes, a Doctor’s nemesis from
Gallifrey was behind from a grave. Capaldi staggered retrograde in shock,
looking some-more condemned and grey than ever. This is it. Let’s see what he’s
done of.

Written by showrunner Steven Moffat, a frozen book gimlet many of his
hallmarks: rug-pulling twists, quip-laden discourse (“We don’t only have
iPads in a afterlife, we have Steve Jobs”) and meaningful in-jokes
(references to a Daleks being incompetent to stand stairs and Capaldi’s
prior creation, sweary spin alloy Malcolm Tucker).

Moffat loves to play on a bland fears and here it was death, specifically
a chilling thought that we sojourn unwavering and entirely feel pain. “Don’t
cremate me,” came a spine-tingling defence from a recently deceased.

For a night after Halloween, this was bone-rattling and formally spooky
fare. Will it all spin out to be a pretence or a treat? We’ll find out next

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