Did Sam Bradford unequivocally only conflict Aaron Rodgers in Vikings dissapoint win over Packers?

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This is a matter that’s closer to fact than we think: Former No. 1 collect Sam Bradford only had a best diversion of his roller-coaster career and, given a circumstances, by a flattering far-reaching margin.

Starting his initial diversion for a Minnesota Vikings after a scattered offseason that saw him sign an prolongation with a Philadelphia Eagles, get traded to a Vikes 8 days before a start of a deteriorate (after Teddy Bridgewater suffered a season-ending injury), get a curtsy in Week 2 in Minnesota’s entrance in its new $1 billion track that, oh yeah, happened to be opposite MVP Aaron Rodgers and a multiplication opposition Green Bay Packers on inhabitant television, Bradford put together a many finish 4 buliding of his NFL life. You know, no large deal.

Behind their QB’s 22-of-31, 286-yard, two-touchdown performance, a Vikings degraded a Packers 17-14 to pierce to 2-0 for a initial time given 2009. (Teams with that symbol make a playoffs about two-thirds of a time.) With Bradford creation good — for one diversion during slightest — on a wish Minnesota had when fundamentally mortgaging a evident destiny for a possibility to win now, a joviality managed to shroud what should have been a large news of a diversion — Adrian Peterson’s nasty-looking knee injury that sent him to a locker room.

There will be time to worry about that tomorrow. For now, a Vikings can revelry in a feat in their new house interjection to a quarterback who entered a diversion with a 25-37-1 career record, an peculiar symbol for a male pegged as a savior. What’s even odder is that he looked like one.

Bradford had a second-highest QB rating of his career — 125.1, before a throw-away round on a final play of a game. He had pinpoint correctness and a certainty we haven’t seen given his Heisman-winning days in Norman. He was 9 of 9 for 182 yards on non-garbage time targets to Stefon Diggs. He outplayed Aaron Rodgers, who has struggled in 2016, looked worried in a pocket, done uncharacteristically bad decisions and done a few passes that were as bad as his hermit on The Bachelorette. (High-fives self.) And Bradford did it all with a Vikings run diversion evidently still thawing out at a University of Minnesota’s stadium. The group ran 21 times for 33 yards (not including a Bradford kneel down), vouchsafing Green Bay dump behind in coverage to theoretically force Bradford into doing what he does best: creation mistakes.

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Not this time. Bradford to Diggs felt like it was Cunningham to Moss –their 46-yard touchdown tie would be a contingent winning score. Minnesota’s invulnerability — with manager Mike Zimmer throwing in opposite looks all night — helped keep a Packers flat, generally late in a diversion when Bradford and a offense were perplexing to divert time but had dual security with 7 plays and minus-5 yards, combined. (Hey, we didn’t contend he was perfect. When picking Sam Bradford’s best NFL game, it’s a low bar to clear.) The invulnerability bailed them out yet with a late collect of Rodgers, one of during slightest 5 a section could have had on a day.

Now, a same premonition goes for any Sep football analysis. It’s early. It’s unequivocally early. One diversion creates not a contender. While Diggs, a second-year wideout from Maryland, was a revelation, it won’t meant most if Peterson is out for substantial time. The Vikings aren’t going to win too many games averaging 1.4 yards per rushing attempt.

For Sunday night, during least, those “yeah, buts” can be forgotten. The group has a beautiful new home. Its immature receiver had people flashing behind to memories of Moss. The invulnerability is going to be good for a handful of wins. And a quarterback, a one who arrived to snickers and jeers only before Labor Day, had a biggest entrance in group history. Sam Bradford and a Minnesota Vikings, 2-0. Just like we all expected.

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