Derrick Rose: Knicks being put in same ‘super team’ category as Warriors

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2:22 PM ET

How high are expectations for a revamped New York Knicks? New indicate ensure Derrick Rose curiously pronounced some people have put New York in a same “super team” category as a Golden State Warriors.

“With these teams right now, they’re observant us and Golden State are a super teams, and they’re perplexing not to build that many super teams, and [commissioner] Adam Silver came out with a matter and this and that,” Rose pronounced during a new talk with

Derrick Rose: Knicks register fits triangle ‘to a T’

Point ensure Derrick Rose thinks he — and a rest of a Knicks — can flower in a triangle offense.

“And a expectations we consider of us, we only wish to win. Talking to [Carmelo Anthony] and all a guys who’ve been around. You’ve got Brandon [Jennings] who only sealed for one year, he’s got to uncover since he’s there. I’ve got to uncover since I’m there. Joakim [Noah] has to uncover since he’s there. Everybody’s perplexing to infer themselves.”

Rose combined that expectations for a Knicks are “high” for a entrance season, though he didn’t privately brand who has put a Knicks in a same category as a Warriors.

The comparison to Golden State, however, would be a awkward one, deliberation a Warriors are entrance off of a 73-win season, have reached back-to-back NBA Finals and sealed giveaway representative Kevin Durant this summer.

The Knicks, entrance off of a 32-win season, combined Rose, Noah, Jennings and Courtney Lee in a offseason. New York has an softened register though expected not one that many would put in a same category as Golden State.

In further to articulate expectations for a Knicks, Rose pronounced he’s looking brazen to his event to play in a New York market. The former MVP has been singular to personification in only 40 percent of his games given a start of a 2013-14 deteriorate since of several ailments, including dual poignant knee injuries.

“I’m going into a good market,” Rose said. “I’m going into a city where they adore basketball — basketball is a enlightenment there, and they adore players that play hard. And we consider we fit that. … we consider this is a outrageous event for me, and I’m scheming myself right now.”

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