DC Group Launches Website for 2024 Olympics Bid

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The bid to move a 2024 Olympics to a Washington, D.C. segment took another large step Thursday.

Local nonprofit DC 2024  launched a open website around 8 a.m. The site is one of a initial open efforts to build widespread support for a Olympics bid.

“Today’s proclamation that a care organisation has been shaped for Washington 2024 means that a region’s bid to horde a Olympic and Paralympic games has kicked into full gear,” pronounced Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette. “…We determine with Washington 2024 that this is an ancestral eventuality for a segment to be partial of a Olympic Movement.”

Fisette pronounced that nonetheless a county dangling construction skeleton for proviso 2 of a park that would embody an aquatics and aptness facility, county officials design a park to be partial of a devise for bringing a Olympics to a area.

“That is still a hope,” Fisette said. “We trust that Long Bridge could be a good venue for Olympic swimming events.”


Washington, D.C. is among 4 finalists for a probable United States bid to horde a 2024 Summer Olympics.

Back in June, a U.S Olympic Committee strictly announced Washington, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco as intensity hosts. Los Angeles is a usually city of a 4 that has formerly hosted, carrying finished so in 1932 and 1984.

DC 2024 believes a District, Maryland and Virginia are some-more than versed to hoop a event. A territory on a website patrician “Why Washington” says a segment has 129,000 hotel rooms, some-more than 136 million block feet of sell space and a many walkable city in a U.S.

“We are during a crossroads of a universe — home to general institutions, determined destinations, travel hubs, and world-class accommodations,” a site says.

The organisation says hosting a Olympics would cost a segment $4 billion to $6 billion. But they explain with correct planning, a mercantile impact could be larger than a cost.

DC 2024 has also suggested regulating existent stadiums in a region, and building out a region’s existent travel and housing options.

The organisation is headed by businessman Russ Ramsey, with Washington Capitals and Wizards owners Ted Leonsis as vice-chairman.

On Thursday, they announced their new house of directors, that includes former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, restaurateur José Andrés, and Sheila Johnson, cofounder of BET Network.

Shortly after a website’s launch, Arlington County expelled a matter expressing support for a Olympics bid.

This isn’t a initial time Washington’s thrown a shawl into an Olympic ring. A corner bid by D.C. and Baltimore to horde a 2012 Olympics failed in 2002. New York eventually won a possibility to be a United States’ candidate, though London’s bid was selected.

The Olympics final came to a United States in 2002, when Salt Lake City hosted a Winter Games. Atlanta was many new U.S. city to horde a Summer Games, in 1996.

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