Darrelle Revis torched, again

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It’s one thing for DeAndre Hopkins or Sammy Watkins or A.J. Green to get a improved of cornerback Darrelle Revis. It’s another for a journeyman to rocket past Revis and make him demeanour like a man who shouldn’t be on a field.

On Thursday night, Marquise Goodwin did only that, wth an 84-yard locate and run. It was Goodwin’s initial touchdown given 2013, and a yardage exceeded Goodwin’s sum prolongation in 2014 and 2015 combined.

It will be engaging to see either a Bills keep targeting Revis, who played for Buffalo manager Rex Ryan with a Jets, a reign that enclosed an hostile holdout in 2010. No one would be astounded if Ryan keeps going after Revis, again and again and again.

The Jets sealed Revis in 2015 to a agreement that pays out $39 million entirely guaranteed over 3 years. Of that amount, $6 million is entirely guaranteed in 2017. Another $9 million isn’t. Absent poignant alleviation from Revis, chances are they’ll compensate him $6 million to not play for them in lieu of giving him $15 million to be on a field.

Until then, a Jets need to figure out either to give Revis some-more reserve assistance — or either to eventually make him a safety.

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