Darnold replacing Browne as USC’s starting QB

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11:44 PM ET

LOS ANGELES — USC is creation a change during quarterback. Redshirt beginner Sam Darnold will start opposite Utah on Friday, supplanting youth Max Browne, manager Clay Helton announced Monday.

“The approach [Browne] competed and achieved was some-more than honorable, though a realism of football is — is when you’re 1-2 and you’ve scored one touchdown opposite Alabama and Stanford,” Helton said. “I wish to see a hint in a offense, and we wish that Sam can move that. I’m assured in it after examination 3 games of examination him perform, saying him in a locus and saying what he can do.”

Helton sensitive both quarterbacks Sunday night and told a rest of a group during meetings Monday. It was transparent a change was entrance before a proclamation was made, however, since Darnold took a infancy of a first-team snaps in practice.

Browne, who is in his fourth year with a program, was named a starter dual weeks before a deteriorate started after a extensive foe with Darnold. In 3 games, he finished 55 of 87 passes for 474 yards with dual touchdown passes and dual interceptions.

In 3 games off a bench, Darnold finished 14 of 22 passes for 136 yards and dual touchdowns with one interception.

“I was stoked about it,” Darnold said. “I was stoked to finally get that opportunity.”

Browne done it transparent he does not design to recover a starting job.

“I know how these things work,” he said. “Usually, once a immature male goes, we know how it is. I’ll be ready. we owe it to my teammates and a guys I’ve been with 4 years now. we owe it to them to stay ready, and I’ll be ready. I’ll be prepared during a moment’s notice.”

Browne has graduated and will roughly positively send when a deteriorate is over.

“You consider about it right away,” Browne said. “You consider about all a possibilities during hand, though during a finish of a day, it’s usually Week 4. There is a lot of round to play, and so I’ll stay ready.”

Browne was a No. 2-ranked slot passer in a Class of 2013 and a No. 20 altogether actor in a ESPN300. He enrolled in a open of 2013, redshirted that deteriorate and spent a past dual years subsidy adult Cody Kessler.

Despite a change, Helton believes he done a scold call in vouchsafing Browne have a initial moment during a starting job.

“I’ll never doubt my decision,” he said. “I’ll never bewail going with that immature man, Max Browne, to start off with. He’s a male of pinnacle impression and talent. we will never bewail doing that, though we also have to make really, unequivocally tough decisions being a conduct manager and doing what’s best for your football team.”

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