Dad Who Sang to Dying Infant Son Thanks Mourners

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PHOTO: Musician Chris Picco performs Blackbird by a Beatles for his son Lennon in a video shave posted to YouTube, patrician Blackbird with Lennon.

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A lamentation father who sang a Beatles’ ballad “Blackbird” as his tot son clung to life told mourners that he was impressed by a escape of prayers and support after a video of a proposal impulse gained widespread Internet attention.

Chris Picco pronounced Saturday during a commemorative use for his wife, Ashley, and their son, Lennon, that he didn’t have adequate difference to demonstrate his thankfulness to those who reached out to him, including strangers apparently overwhelmed by his story.

They died this past week after Ashley became ill while profound and Lennon was delivered prematurely.

“I could never clear how many your support and your strength, and your prayers, and your emails and your Facebook messages and your content messages … we don’t even know how any of we got my series though there’s been a lot of ‘thank you,'” he pronounced in an romantic residence that drew delight and tears.

“There have been so many people that have reached out and common their pain: agonizing pain, extensive loss. And my heart only goes out,” he added.

The use in a Los Angeles suburb of Loma Linda was webcast live — a wise delay to a week where a strain and other images Picco posted of himself with his mom and their son drew an escape of grief and prayers to his Facebook page, YouTube and other sites.

Picco and his 30-year-old mom were expecting their son’s birth in Feb when she unexpected became ill. Picco pronounced doctors delivered Lennon by puncture C-section after Ashley died in her nap Saturday.

The child was innate 16 weeks premature. He died Wednesday.

The couple, married in 2007, met in New York when both were volunteers assisting firefighters after a Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

After his wife’s death, Picco sat with his son roughly constantly, personification guitar, singing and crying. A crony prisoner a video of him doing “Blackbird.” In it, he gently urges Lennon to “take these damaged wings and learn to fly.” The boy’s violence heart can be listened in a background.

Picco pronounced a story of how he and his mom met shows that something good came out of a comfortless event.

“So from this accursed tragedy … we wish good to come out of this,” he said.

Friends and family members pronounced Ashley, a preschool clergyman incited pediatric nurse, was a nurturing essence who would have been a good mother. They remarkable that Lennon overwhelmed many lives during his really brief life.

“If we magnitude a life by a energy of connection, Lennon lived some-more than many of us have,” pronounced Tim Gillespie, a orator during a service.

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