Cyborg Unplug Finds and Boots Google Glass Pervs

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Earlier this summer programmer and artist Julian Oliver expelled, a giveaway square of formula that can detect Google Glass on a Wi-Fi network and automatically foot it. This plan was so renouned he’s now holding pre-orders for a standalone Cyborg Unplug, a square of tech that gives users a products but a difficult designation process. was immediately renouned with a Google Glass-wary when it arrived this summer — quite among women. “They were endangered about guys during nightclubs holding a small bit home for later, or guys opposite from them on a sight looking them adult and down. Even if they didn’t know if a device was recording, they felt threatened by a presence,” says Oliver in an talk with Wired.

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Now rather than usually be questionable of Google Glassers grabbing neglected underwear shots, users can block a little Cyborg Unplug into a wall and feel creeper free.  

Cyborg Unplug could also be useful for artists seeking to strengthen their copyrights. In fact, a thought for came about behind in Jun when a crony complained to Oliver that a Google Glass user photographed his whole art exhibit. The Cyborg Unplug doesn’t usually foot potentially thieving Google Glass users, it can also foot Wi-Fi-enabled drones, Dropcams and even some wireless mics — a useful product for thwarting intensity unison and film thieves. 

Cyborg Unplug will be accessible after this year as dual models. The $50 “Little Snipper” is a barebones Google Glass bouncer for a 2.4-GHz rope and is versed usually with an LED blinker alert. The some-more strong (and pricy) “Axe” can be had for $85 and includes an Android app, an audio tie for beeping alerts over speakers and 5-GHz capabilities.

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