Cyber-attack Exposes Sensitive Data on Over 134000 U.S. Sailors

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The U.S. Navy pronounced hackers have gained entrance to a Social Security numbers and other supportive information of some-more than 134,000 stream and former U.S. sailors.

The information crack occurred after a hackers compromised a laptop of an worker of Navy executive Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

In a matter expelled Wednesday, a Navy pronounced a information was accessed by “unknown individuals” and that an review is underway to brand and assistance those whose information was exposed.

The information was taken from what is famous as a Career Appoints database, that is used to contention re-enlistment and and function requests.

The matter pronounced there was no justification of “misuse” of a of a compromised information.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise supportive a Navy of a crack on Oct 27.

This is a latest in a fibre of information breaches in a U.S. this year. In a news released Nov 22 by a Identify Theft Resource Center, 901 breaches occurred in 2016, exposing a annals of some-more than 34 million people. [[ ]]

The breaches occurred in a government, financial, business, educational and medical sectors.

The largest series of breaches occurred in a business sector, a aim of 397 breaches that unprotected annals on some-more than 5.5 million people.

There were 61 cyber-attacks in a government/military sector, compromising a annals of 12.9 million people.

Despite a vast series of information breaches this year, nothing review to a worst-ever information crack of U.S. sovereign supervision records. In 2015, a confidence clearway applications and other supportive information of some 21.5 million people were compromised.

By comparison, a largest information crack this year occurred when hackers pounded a sovereign Office of Child Support Enforcement – exposing a annals of 5 million people.

Rounding out a tip 5 information breaches this year are a following:

  • Banner Health (a non-profit health health system): 3.623 million annals exposed
  • Newkirk Products (a provider of medical marker cards for health word plans): 3.466 million annals exposed
  • Washington Department of Fishing Wildlife (a Washington state wildlife insurance agency): 2.435 annals exposed
  • 21st Century Oncology (a provider of integrated cancer caring services): 2.213 annals exposed
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