Creed’s Scott Stapp Says He’s Broke and Living in a Holiday Inn, Alleges "a Lot …

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Scott Stapp acknowledges that he’s battled demons in a past—but his stream unsafe situation, he says, is not of his possess design.

The Creed frontman, insisting on camera that he is purify and “sober as can be,” posted a scarcely 16-minute video statement on Facebook early this morning in that he says that he is underneath a “pretty infamous attack” from someone who wants to disprove him, and that a new review of his record association and personal finances suggested that “a lot of income was stolen from me.”

Stapp pronounced that he has spent a final few years “re-dedicating my life to Christ, we adore God with all my heart” and he’s “very vehement about a destiny in terms of finally being means to entirely dedicate my song and my life’s testimony and my summary to share what God’s finished in my life.”

He says that he’s praying for those who are “spreading lies” about him and has “nothing though redemption for them as well.”

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So it’s a small scary that he apparently has been dealt a Job-like challenge.

Also in a past 4 or 5 weeks, Stapp continues, “all of a remarkable a IRS has solidified my bank accounts dual or 3 times to leave me totally penniless. we don’t even know that, since all of this is function during a same time. When we called to find out why, they said, ‘Oh, we had an residence mix-up, it was a ecclesiastic error, so we’ll lapse your supports in 9 to 10 months.’ we don’t know how that’s satisfactory in America and in a nation that we live in.”

“Right now I’m vital in a Holiday Inn, by a beauty of God, since there’s been a integrate of weeks we had to live in my truck,” he also says. “I had no money, not even for gas or food. we went dual days though eating since we had no income and finished adult in an puncture room.”

The 41-year-old singer, who had some run-ins with a law before cleaning adult his act, pronounced that his initial concerns right now are his 3 kids—sons Jagger and Daniel and daughter Milán

Scott StappDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

“I don’t know if I’m doing a right thing by creation a video and putting it on a Internet,” he said. “It’s totally opposite my personality, though again, we can’t lay behind anymore and lalow thist o continue and concede my children to be broke and flustered by a actions of others, not their father.

“No matter what is finished to me, we wish those out there that are persecuting me right now to know that I’m not going to stop pity what Christ has finished in my life.”

Stapp also says that his polite rights have been violated.

“This all will be public, I’m going to take it open and I’m going to expose, and I’m going to fight, each singular indiviual that is obliged for this. Right now I’m looking for an honest, good profession that’s prepared to quarrel and take it all a approach to a top.”

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A orator for a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office told TMZ that a gratification check was done during Stapp’s home final week and all seemed to be fine. They had no serve information to share when contacted by E! News Wednesday.

A repute for Stapp’s record tag has not nonetheless responded to a ask for comment.

At no time in a video did Stapp discuss mom Jaclyn Nesheiwat, whom he married in 2006. The Miss New York USA 2004 leader is a mom of Milán and Daniel, while Jagger is Stapp’s son with ex Hillaree Burns.

Creed final achieved together in 2012.

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