Country stars conflict on Twitter to Jimmy Dickens’ death

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Rest in peace, Tater. (Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Rest in peace, Tater. (Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

On Friday, as a nation song universe schooled of a death of “Little” Jimmy Dickens, entertainers took to Twitter to demonstrate their grief and share their memories of photos of a Country Music Hall of Famer.

Dickens, a oldest star of a Grand Ole Opry during age 94, died Friday afternoon of cardiac detain following a cadence on Christmas Day.

One of a many touching tributes came from associate Opry star Brad Paisley, who infrequently featured Dickens in his videos. “There was no one funnier, or with a improved clarity of it,” Paisley wrote on his website. “A loyal entertainer? The best I’ve ever seen. Charm? Unmatched. Love? This was a large one.  I consider he desired everybody he ever met, and if not, he never let it be known.”

Here are some of a other tributes nation stars posted to Twitter.

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