Coolio Arrested After Stolen Loaded Weapon Found in Bag during LAX

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Coolio was arrested Saturday during a Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after a installed firearm was detected in a rapper’s carry-on bag during a confidence screening. Coolio was charged with both possession of a firearm by a law-breaker and guess of possessing a stolen installed firearm after it was dynamic that a gun concerned had been reported stolen, TMZ reports.

According to police, Coolio, innate Artis Leon Ivey Jr., indeed boarded a craft after flitting by confidence during LAX’s Terminal 3 when a firearm was detected in his carry-on bag, that a rapper’s bodyguard attempted to pass by security.

“Upon attainment airfield military immediately took possession of a carry-on bag in a X-ray screening belt,” airfield military Officer Alicia Hernandez told a Los Angeles Daily News. “They also incarcerated a 39-year-old male [Coolio’s bodyguard] who claimed to possess a bag. Further review suggested that a bag contained equipment belonging to one of a suspect’s roving companions who left a screening area and boarded an aircraft for departure.”

Police shortly dynamic that a carry-on bag, and a firearm, belonged to Coolio. Police incarcerated both a rapper and his bodyguard, though after doubt Coolio, authorities expelled a bodyguard though charges.

Coolio was requisitioned into Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Station Saturday and expelled on $37,808 bail. He didn’t sojourn in jail for prolonged as, on Saturday night, Coolio posted a video matter addressing a occurrence while dining during a P.F. Chang’s.

“Just wanted to contend something about a small disagreement during a airfield today. Everything’s fine, I’m fine,” a rapper said. “I don’t know what’s going to be a outcome of this in a destiny though for now, I’m excellent and we conclude everyone’s concern.”

Coolio is scheduled to perform tonight during Indio, California’s Empire Polo Club on a check with Salt-N-Pepa and Vanilla Ice as partial of the we Love a 90s Tour.

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