Control4 adds Alexa voice controls for a oppulance intelligent home

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It’s been a bustling day for Amazon’s voice-activated practical assistant. This morning, a online mega-retailer announced Alexa’s long-awaited attainment in a UK and Germany, along with a launch of a new, second-gen Amazon Echo Dot mini-speaker that costs usually $50.

In a arise of all that, we’re saying a solid tide of Alexa announcements from third parties fervent to bound onto Amazon’s bandwagon. Among these announcements is a entrance of a new Alexa ability from home automation use provider Control4. Enable it, and you’ll be means to trigger any of a thousands of gadgets that Control4 supports with a elementary voice command.

The engaging thing here is that those voice commands embody triggering preprogrammed scenes, where mixed gadgets concurrently glow off in opposite ways. For instance, we could trigger a “Good Night” stage that thatch a intelligent lock, turns a lights off and sets a thermostat to a gentle sleeping temperature. A “Game Time” stage could low a lights, reduce a shades and spin your TV and gaming console on, all with a singular voice command.

Those scenes are a buttress of Control4 setups — so most so that a smart-home-as-a-service provider offers customized wall switches to trigger any one with a symbol press. To trigger them with Alexa, you’ll usually need to tell her to spin them on, as in, “Alexa, spin on Game Time.”

That’s mostly a same scene-centric proceed that Apple has taken with HomeKit, a iOS-based height for a connected home. With HomeKit (and a residence full of HomeKit-friendly gadgets), we can module scenes on your phone, afterwards trigger them with a Siri command.

It’s new belligerent for Alexa, though. Until now, she’s been means to spin particular gadgets on and off, as good as groups of lights, though she hasn’t been means to trigger preset scenes with a brew of gadgets, during slightest not but assistance from an additional use like IFTTT. That changes currently — and Control4 isn’t a usually one holding advantage. Philips Hue’s in a mix, too, with new, stretched Alexa controls that let we trigger mixed-color lighting scenes.

A oppulance home automation retailer, Control4 combines high-end audiovisual hardware with a dealer-installed smart-home control complement that supports a claimed 10,000 connected home gadgets. We’re formulation on holding a complement for a spin in the CNET Smart Home in a nearby destiny — when we do, we’ll be certain to exam out those Amazon Echo controls for ourselves. For now, we can see Alexa’s stage government skills for yourself in this video.

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