Common belligerent in Washington? One GOP senator is optimistic.

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Prospects are flourishing for a Republican takeover of a Senate in November, and if that happens, Washington could challenge expectations and indeed get things done.

That’s a word from Sen. Rob Portman (R) of Ohio, a personality of a center-right in a top cover – and, he acknowledges, a intensity presidential claimant in 2016. Senator Portman identifies “common ground” between Republicans and Democrats on a operation of issues, from appetite and trade to taxation remodel and regulatory reform, and he predicts President Obama would come around. 

“By removing a Republican majority, we do trust it would get a boss to a list on some of these issues,” pronounced Portman, vocalization Thursday during a press breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor. “It would also need Republicans to work with a president, to find common ground, on these and other issues.”

In short, he suggests a subsequent dual years could “actually be productive,” and not a delay of a gridlock that has come to conclude Washington politics and offend Americans.

“I know we might sound naive, given everybody has motionless that a subsequent dual years are going to be all about 2016,” Portman said. “But we demeanour during what’s happened over a years. When we have divided government, that’s when we’ve finished taxation reform, that’s when we’ve finished desert reform, that’s when we’ve helped to pierce a economy brazen when we take on these large issues.”

Senate minority personality Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky has pronounced he would run a cover some-more cooperatively toward a hostile celebration than has a stream infancy leader, Sen. Harry Reid (D) of Nevada. Though Senator McConnell has also talked about operative to remove a president’s agenda, starting with Obamacare. McConnell would also have to watch a tea celebration fortuitous on his right flank, only as House Speaker John Boehner (R) of Ohio has been hamstrung during times by a distant right.

Still, Portman says he’s talked to McConnell and other members of a Republican leadership, and stays assured that by operative with Democrats, swell can be done on a operation of issues during a initial 50 days of a subsequent Congress.

“This is not something that’s unfit to accomplish, since we’ve already had votes on many of these issues,” Portman says. “We know where people stand.”

Portman lays out 4 areas with potential:

• Keystone XL pipeline. The Obama administration has behind a preference on either to approve a final leg of a argumentative oil-sands tube using from Alberta, Canada, to a Gulf Coast. But Portman predicts if Republicans win a Senate majority, they could pattern “close to a veto-proof majority” on a emanate in a House and Senate. It should be joined with an energy-efficiency bill, he says.  

• Trade graduation authority. This would concede a boss to direct an up-or-down opinion in Congress on trade deals, a “fast track” that keeps deals from collapsing by amendments. Portman served as US trade deputy underneath President George W. Bush and says a miss of quick lane (which lapsed in 2007) is spiteful a US economy. Congressional factions on both a left and right intent to quick lane and have prevented it from passing.  

“That’s something we could do, and do really quickly,” Portman said. “And a president, in my view, would pointer it.”

• Regulatory reform. One check addresses permitting. Another would safeguard that eccentric agencies have to go by cost-benefit analysis. A third would tie a cost-benefit research on executive-branch agencies. Portman says such reforms would assistance a economy, by formulating some-more certainty.

• Corporate taxation reform. The expansion in supposed corporate inversions has brought new courtesy to a US corporate taxation code, that incentivizes US companies to acquire unfamiliar firms and pierce their corporate residence abroad – thereby obscure their taxes. Portman calls Obama’s solution, focused only on inversions, a “band-aid,” and says remodel of a whole formula is needed.

“If we don’t do that, we will continue to have American companies holding jobs and investment abroad,” Portman said. But he sees “a accord about obscure a rate and broadening a base. It won’t be easy, though there’s a accord about that ubiquitous approach.”

And what about Portman in 2016? He admits to carrying a certain love for New Hampshire, home of a initial presidential primary.

“My daughter goes to propagandize adult there, so partial of my heart is in New Hampshire,” he said. His daughter is a sophomore during Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., Portman’s alma mater.

For now, Portman says, he’s focused on 2014 and doing his pursuit as a senator. That includes assisting Republicans get inaugurated to a Senate, as a clamp authority of a National Republican Senatorial Committee.

On a 2016 presidential race, he said, “I’ll take a demeanour during it after a election.”

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