Colombians Go To The Polls With One Question In Mind: War Or Peace?

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A male casts his opinion in Sunday’s referendum on possibly to sanction a ancestral assent settle to finish Colombia’s 52-year fight between a state and a comrade FARC rebels.

Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images

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Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images

A male casts his opinion in Sunday’s referendum on possibly to sanction a ancestral assent settle to finish Colombia’s 52-year fight between a state and a comrade FARC rebels.

Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images

War or peace?

Those sheer options face Colombians on Sunday as they opinion in a referendum that aims to finish Latin America’s longest riotous conflict. They will possibly approve or reject a assent agreement that would lame a Marxist insurgent organisation famous as a FARC. The dispute began in a 1960s and has killed some-more than 200,000 people.

The doubt on a list is: “Do we support a final settle to finish a dispute and to erect a fast and durability peace?”

For a referendum to pass, a “yes” votes contingency outnumber “no” votes. In addition, a “yes” side contingency hoard a support of during slightest 13 percent of a electorate.

“We have to behind a assent accords since we are sleepy of war,” pronounced Jairo Méndez, a farmer, who expel his list on a hinterland of Bogotá. “The dispute has harm everyone: guerrillas, soldiers, farmers, city people. Now is a time to finish it.”

Should a “yes” opinion triumph, a FARC would have 6 months to accumulate a 5,800 feet soldiers in special zones around Colombia where they are to spin in their weapons to U.N. inspectors. The FARC has also affianced to get out of a heroin bootlegging business, assistance a army locate and destroy landmines, and to apologize to a victims. The FARC’s long-term idea is to form a severe domestic party.

For a part, a supervision talks of a assent division once a fight with a FARC is over. It has affianced to deposit outrageous sums in land remodel and to build roads, schools and clinics in a bankrupt farming areas that gave arise to a FARC behind in a 1960s. It also predicts a bang in unfamiliar investment and tourism.

President Juan Manuel Santos, who signed a assent agreement Monday along with FARC personality Rodrigo Londoño, expel his list in Bogotá shortly after polls non-stop this morning. The settle came after scarcely 4 years of negotiations in Havana, Cuba, and following 3 unsuccessful efforts during assent talks with a FARC dating behind to a 1980s. Santos urged Colombians to give assent a chance.

“This is a opinion that we wish will change a story of a country,” he said. “This will open a trail to peace. And assent will lead us to a improved future.”

However, many Colombians depreciate a FARC due to a insurgent group’s impasse in massacres, kidnappings and other tellurian rights abuses. They are also indignant over supplies in a accords that would concede rebels indicted of fight crimes to shun jail if they confess before a special tribunal. In addition, some fear a supervision intends to lift taxes to compensate for a costly post-conflict growth plans.

Should electorate reject a assent deal, a supervision claims to have no Plan B. President Santos has hidden that a “no” opinion would meant a lapse to war. A stop glow that has been in place for a past year could disintegrate while a U.N. group set to guard a assent accords would be sent home, pronounced Humberto de la Calle, a government’s arch negotiator.

But both supervision and FARC leaders voiced certainty that a “yes” opinion will delight and are already relocating brazen with some of a supplies in a assent accords directed during fomenting inhabitant reconciliation.

On Friday, FARC commanders trafficked to a northern Colombian city of Apartadó where they apologized for a 1994 electrocute in that a guerrillas killed 22 people whom they indicted of belonging to a opposition insurgent faction.

“Everyone creates mistakes,” FARC commander Iván Márquez told kin of a victims. “But vocalization a truth, pristine and simple, can heal wounds of a soul, no matter how low they are.”

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