Cincinnati needs Mahogany’s – somewhere

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Robert Croskery is a late vital colonel with a U.S. Army and profession for Liz Rogers, owners of Mahogany’s.

Cincinnati is a unapproachable city with a storied history. Having trafficked to overwhelming vistas and good cities all over a world, we still consider it’s a biggest tiny city in a world. Baseball, football, miraculous educational institutions. Opera. Ballet. Breathtaking parks. Mostly, we adore a people of this town, who work to make it run, make it special, and (eventually) acquire all that is worthy.

I wish Mahogany’s has a place in this town’s future, and in your heart. What we contend might be surprising, entrance from a regressive late Army officer. But do hear me out. we am also Liz Rogers’ attorney, defended after my retirement from a Army. Those who know me know that we usually paint clients, and causes, that we trust are worthy.

Cincinnati’s record on competition family has been mixed. On a one hand, we were a village of Harriet Beecher Stowe, who blazed a route for amiability by opening eyes to a barbarity of slavery. We were a core for a Underground Railroad, and dauntless and merciful people forward of their time. Jazz was mostly innate here. Louis Armstrong finished his initial recordings; Jelly Roll Morton and Chocolate Beau Brummels were outrageous in their time. Jackie Robinson was a favourite for a dear Reds. Nathaniel Jones, a legal giant, creates his home here, as good as many distinguished African-American jurists.

On a other hand, we have had a indeterminate eminence of competition riots. The sovereign supervision has monitored a military force after accusations of brutality, and some positively legitimate complaints. Our schools are integrated (by busing) though a churches and amicable life are mostly segregated (by choice and comfort level).

We need a place to conclude a different enlightenment and come together. We need to welcome, not shun, a differences. That is substantially since Cincinnati reached out to Liz Rogers, who was using a successful grill in Hamilton called Mahagony’s, and put her on The Banks.

While there has been most trouble voiced by a few over a loan extended to her, it is conjunction new nor crude that it was made. After all, Ohio gives outrageous financial credits and concessions all a time to move in a right businesses, including millions of dollars in concessions. General Electric has a taxation credit value $51 million for a new plan announced in July. And this is a credit, not a loan. Liz Rogers has a loan. What is more, she sealed a personal pledge on it.

And Liz has worked for two-plus years though sketch a salary, that is some-more than we can contend for a tip dogs during GE. Why has she finished this? Because she has a dream and a prophesy of a improved Cincinnati, one that appreciates Southern cuisine. (We are the Gateway to a South).

Recently, Liz was really tighten to a understanding with dual vital investors to make some illusory changes and upgrades to Mahagony’s, including a new menu, decor, and tie-ins to Cincinnati’s African-American history. She hired arguably a biggest ubiquitous manager in Cincinnati history, Mike Comisar of Maisonette fame, to assistance with this transition. New staff, training, good wines … all looked really earnest for an ancestral turnaround. The day a understanding should have been finalized, a cameras were focused on a taxation notice on her door. Thank goodness, a taxation matter was resolved. But for Mahogany’s to survive, it needs for we to give it a chance, or another chance. Because it’s unique, it’s worthwhile, and since a good city needs a “Cinderella” story – or, brave we contend it, a “Princess and a Frog” story.

Have some shrimp and grits, or something some-more exotic, though greatfully have something. Cincinnati needs Mahogany’s to attain – either on The Banks or elsewhere – to applaud a dark partial of a good history. Cheers.

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