Cherish memories and stay strong, contend veterans respected during Mobile luncheon

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MOBILE, Alabama — A throng including mixed judges, state senators, active avocation personnel, World War II veterans and a whole Mobile City Council collected during Fort Whiting Armory on Tuesday to applaud a 2014 Patriot and Veteran of a Year.

“Mobile is a troops city,” pronounced Mayor Sandy Stimpson during a Mobile Bay Area Veterans Day Commission’s annual honorees luncheon. He serves as a authority of a Commission’s Board of Trustees.

“This republic is creation brazen swell for many reasons though one of a primary reasons is a veterans sitting here today,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Seymour “Sy” Lichtenfeld, a Mobile proprietor named a 2014 Veteran of a Year, and after by late Maj. Gen. Carl McNair, a Pensacola, Florida, local named a 2014 Patriot of a Year.

“All of you, no matter what use branch… have done a down remuneration on a cost of freedom,” Lichtenfeld said.

Lichtenfeld has called Mobile home given 2011. He served in a U.S. Army from Apr 1943 to Nov 1945.

He was 19 years aged when he was restrained during bayonet-point while portion in World War II. He spent 5 months in a German restrained of fight stay that was after taken over by a Soviet Army. He and 6 of his associate prisoners after hiked 75 miles to lapse to American lines.

In 2001 he wrote a discourse patrician “Kriegie 312330.”. He urged associate veterans to do a same.

“Make a time to record or write your verbal history,” he said. “Every 90 seconds via a republic a maestro is failing and story is lost.”

McNair served in a U.S. Army for some-more than 32 years, holding positions in investigate and development, battalion and Army aviation positions. On Tuesday his work to make a Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Spanish Fort a existence was highlighted.

“For those of us that will spend perpetuity there, in a association of a associate comrades and their families, a memory of Gen. McNair will endure everybody in this room,” pronounced Dr. Barry Booth, a Vietnam War maestro honored in 2009 as Veteran of a Year.

For his part, McNair focused on a need for a ceaselessly clever military.

“Not one era of Americans has ever missed a event to offer in this nation’s defense,” he said. “It’s a priveledge… Preparedness is a pivotal to strength.”

He praised Alabama, observant a eager families fluttering flags behind barricades during a Veterans Day parade.

“The story of this good state reenforces a story of this good nation,” he said.

The Mobile Bay Area Veterans Day Commision’s annual luncheon was sponsored by BAE Systems, a City of Mobile, a Mobile County Commission, a Baldwin County Commission and a Mobile County Public School System.

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