CES 2016: HTC Unveils The ‘Vive Pre’ Second-Generation VR Headset

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HTC’s Vive VR headset already set a practical existence universe on fire, and it looks like they’re prepared to do it again: a developer usually announced a second era headset, a Vive Pre.
(Photo : HTC)

While many practical existence headsets now in growth feel like copies of one another, HTC’s ‘Vive’ headset always stood out from a rest. Maybe it’s a fact that a VR space is built around transformation as against to elementary head-tracking. Maybe it’s a fact that it comes with dual motion-sensitive controllers that feel like tangible objects in a practical world. Maybe it’s a fact that, distinct a competition, a Vive doesn’t feel like an intensely costly gaming peripheral.

One approach or another, there’s no denying that HTC’s headset has gained utterly a bit of movement in a 10 months given it was announced. Developers haven’t stopped vehemence it about, and a headset’s participation during any trade uncover tends to turn a marquee eventuality – and CES 2016 is no different.

With usually a few months left before a blurb release, HTC has suggested a second-generation VR developer headset: a Vive Pre. This isn’t usually a redesign for combined comfort, either: a Vive Pre comes with a horde of new facilities that indeed conduct to urge a already-impressive practical existence experience.

One of a Vive Pre’s biggest upgrades might sound tiny during first, though it indeed creates a outrageous difference. A new, front-facing camera has been combined to a Vive that allows for users to see outward of a headset though holding it off. Again, it sounds like a tiny addition, though anyone who’s used VR tech before will know usually how untimely it can be to take off a headset for something elementary like sitting down or grabbing a drink. On tip of that, a Vive Pre can also prominence specific real-world objects for use in a practical space.

The Vive Pre’s controllers are also a large step adult over a predecessor’s: not usually have a controllers themselves been redesigned for a some-more ergonomic shape, though they run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries – no some-more nipping by AA batteries on a daily basis. As an combined bonus, they assign regulating elementary micro-USB cables, definition that you’re substantially already regulating a concordant charger.

Finally, a Vive Pre headset is a immeasurable alleviation over a initial Vive models. Redesigned straps, softened balancing, transmutable interior stuffing and a vastly softened arrangement are all customary facilities of HTC’s latest headset. Long story short, no matter what your face looks like, a Vive Pre will fit absolutely on your head.

Sadly, a Vive Pre is still a developer pack – a full headset isn’t utterly prepared for sell usually yet. HTC has betrothed that a Vive Pre developer pack will be accessible in early 2016, while a sell headset is still on lane for a Apr 2016 release.

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