Celtics Notebook: Kevin McHale still has Green in his eyes

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HOUSTON — Because of Kevin McHale’s ties to a bar from his 13 years as a actor and his continued loyalty with Danny Ainge, he pays a small some-more courtesy to a Celtics than he would to a pointless Eastern Conference team.

And, while a Rockets manager recognizes a C’s are not prepared to contend for an 18th championship, he likes what his crony is building.

“I do like them,” McHale pronounced before his group took down a Celts, 104-90, final night. “I consider they know how to play.

“I consider that (Kelly) Olynyk and (Jared) Sullinger and (Rajon) Rondo are unequivocally intelligent and unequivocally know how to pierce a ball. They can upset their offense, that is always tough to do.

“If we keep Sullinger and Olynyk on a perimeter, we make a lot of bigger guys into fish out of H2O out there perplexing to ensure them. Then a guys cut and have some transformation behind them. They get layups on cuts and things like that. And Sullinger and Olynyk can both fire a round good adequate that you’ve got to during slightest be out there on them.

“It’s a opposite form team, and we consider Brad (Stevens) does a unequivocally good pursuit with them.”

But McHale is wakeful that Ainge still has work to do on a roster.

“They’re still substantially blank that next-level actor that we can say, ‘OK, we can go to this guy, and he can get us a shot. He can mangle down a double-team or he can mangle down his man and all that stuff,’ ” McHale said. “But we like what they’re doing. They’re a tough group to defend.”

Taking his shots

Rondo spent a good partial of Halloween night during a group dinner, though he wasn’t trick-or-treating a rest of a evening.

The Celtics indicate ensure done his approach over to a Toyota Center and worked on his shot on a Rockets’ use court. There he found former teammate Jason Terry.

“He was on one finish of a court; we was on a other,” Rondo said. “Jet’s a good crony of mine.

“I know his diversion unequivocally well,” he combined with a grin yesterday morning, “and if we get to check him, I’m going to tighten him down.”

Terry, who spent one year with a Celtics before being enclosed in a Paul Pierce-Kevin Garnett trade to Brooklyn, was warmed by Rondo’s presence.

“He said, ‘That’s one thing we took from you. we do it each day now,’ ” Terry said.

At 37, Terry is impending a finish of his career. But Rondo doesn’t consider a finish is that close.

“I talked to him (Friday) night, and he pronounced he wants to play during slightest dual or 3 some-more years,” Rondo said. “I’ve usually been around a few guys that are professionals like Jet. He’s 14 or 15 years in, and he still goes to a gym during night on a highway and gets shots up. That’s what we attempted to take from him. You know, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, those guys are 16 and 20 years in, so (Terry is) on gait to do it. He doesn’t play during a high turn as distant as withdrawal a floor. He’s a shooter kind of like Ray Allen, so he can play as prolonged as he wants.”

Off their mark

The Celtics got a small cold on 3-pointers late in their deteriorate opener, though still finished 8-for-22 opposite a Nets. Last night, they never got warm, clanging their initial 21 before a Jeff Green make. They finished 1-for-25.

“If we saw a preseason and a initial game, we’re going to fire a lot of 3’s,” pronounced Rondo. “I’m flattering certain there won’t be a series of times we go 1-for-25 in a game. Some will go down for us. But it still starts on a other finish of a building for us.” . . .

Houston rookie Nick Johnson made his NBA entrance (scoreless in 3:39), and it’s wise that it came opposite a Celtics. His uncle is a late Dennis Johnson.

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