Cape Fear Actress Polly Bergen Dies Aged 84

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Emmy-winning thespian Polly Bergen, who played a terrorised mom in a strange Cape Fear film and some-more recently starred in Desperate Housewives, has died aged 84.

The star died during her home in Southbury, Connecticut, from healthy causes, surrounded by family and tighten friends, her publicist Judy Katz said.

Bergen became a domicile name after recording albums and personification heading roles in films, theatre musicals and radio dramas.

She also hosted her possess accumulation series, was a renouned diversion uncover panellist, and founded a abounding beauty products association that gimlet her name and done her millions.

Bergen was 20 and already an determined thespian when she starred with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in her initial movie, At War With The Army. She assimilated them in dual some-more comedies, That’s My Boy and The Stooge.

Bergen won an Emmy in 1958 portraying a comfortless thespian Helen Morgan on a famed anthology array Playhouse 90.

Robert Mitchum
Bergen starred with Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear

She was nominated for another Emmy in 1989 for best ancillary thespian in a miniseries or special for War And Remembrance.

Robert Mitchum had a pivotal purpose in a landmark 1962 film Cape Fear, personification a sadistic ex-convict who terrorises a counsel (Gregory Peck), his mom (Bergen) and daughter since he blames Peck’s impression for promulgation him to prison.

The film was remade in 1991 by Martin Scorsese.

In new years, Bergen played Felicity Huffman’s mom on Desperate Housewives and a mistress of Tony Soprano’s late father on The Sopranos.

Nellie Paulina Burgin was innate in 1930 in Knoxville, Tennessee, into a family that during times relied on gratification to survive. They family eventually changed to California, and Polly, as she was called, began her career singing on radio in her teens.

“I was fanatically ambitious,” she removed in 2001. “All we ever wanted to be was a star. we didn’t wish to be a singer. we didn’t wish to be an actress. we wanted to be a star.”

Polly Bergen
Bergen died of healthy causes

Bergen’s personal life was not as well-spoken as her career. Her four-year matrimony to actor Jerome Courtland finished in an hostile divorce in 1955. Her second matrimony was to super-agent and writer Freddie Fields. The integrate divorced in 1975 after 18 years.

In 1982 she married businessman Jeff Endervelt. She co-signed his loans and gave him millions to deposit from her beauty association profits.

She pronounced in a 2001 New York Times interview: “He would come home and say, ‘Honey, pointer this.’ we wouldn’t even demeanour during it. Because we trust your husband.”

The batch marketplace pile-up of a 1980s wiped out a investments. She divorced him in 1991, and she pronounced he left her with so many debts that she had to sell her New York unit and other effects to equivocate bankruptcy.

She also battled emphysema and other ailments in a late 1990s, a outcome of 50 years of smoking.

She is survived by her children Peter Fields, Kathy Lander and Pamela Fields and 3 grandchildren.

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