Can Elon Musk’s Hyperloop assistance Tesla overturn Texas’ tough authorization laws?

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You can contend a lot of things about Elon Musk, yet we can’t contend he lets a weed grow underneath his feet. The sequence businessman has spearheaded a fibre of successful projects over a past dual decades, including PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX.

In 2013, though, Musk denounced something totally new — a open travel judgment he called a “Hyperloop”. Critics scoffed that it was totally unfeasible, and some went so distant as to credit a male of being a dilettante. Even Musk himself pronounced that a Hyperloop was an desirous try and that he wouldn’t have most time to persevere to it.

But here’s a humorous thing: that wacky, weird, moonshot of a mass-transit plan could be usually what Tesla Motors needs to invert Texas’ despotic authorization laws and start creation advance in a Lone Star State.

Yesterday, Musk was in Austin, deliberating a far-reaching operation of topics associated to Texas, technology, and destiny developments. And while Texas clearly lost a conflict for Tesla’s initial gigafactory, Musk floated a suspicion of constructing a exam lane for a Hyperloop there. He also published this tweet:

Do we hear that popping noise? That’s a sound of Texas’ mercantile growth officials opening bottles of champagne to applaud imminent investment.

Of course, Tesla reps were discerning to indicate out that Musk’s comments weren’t partial of any bargain, and that a Hyperloop plan is wholly eccentric from Tesla Motors. But c’mon. Musk isn’t dumb. He knows what he’s doing, and we have a integrate of hunches, too:

1. He could be meditative usually of a Hyperloop, with skeleton to addressthe Tesla situation through totally opposite means. This is flattering unlikely, yet it’s a possibility.

2. He could be conducting a run-of-the-mill attract offensive. Musk and Texas legislators have had harsh difference for one another in a past, so maybe this is his approach of saying, “You know what? Let’s start over.” Down a line, once a dual parties turn gentle with one another, maybe they can lapse to a subject of Tesla, authorization laws, and possibly, a new gigafactory.

3. He could be scheming to bargain. Using phrases like “Most expected in Texas” creates it transparent that Musk is prone to settle a foothold in a state, yet usually if conditions are right. To safeguard that they are, he could move legislators and other officials to a list for a few rounds of hardball.


We usually know Musk by reputation, yet it’s straightforwardly apparent that he’s a well-spoken operator. He knows that he’s prohibited skill right now — respected, well-liked, wealthy — and that many cities, states, and countries would adore to have his business.

He also knows that states like Texas are critical places to sell Tesla’s lineup of electric cars. And he’s all-too-aware that Texas’ network of automobile dealers are putting adult a lot of resistance, doing all they can to contend a strength of a authorization laws that have kept Tesla mostly out of Texas.

When Musk debuted a Hyperloop a year-and-a-half ago, we don’t know if he envisioned a day when it would turn a negotiate chip in his quarrel opposite authorization laws. But no doubt, a suspicion has crossed his mind now. Whether he skeleton to use it directly or discreetly, we can’t say, yet we’d be astounded if he left such a absolute arms in the holster. This is Texas we’re articulate about, after all. 

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