Cal upsets Texas after argumentative fail ruling

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8:30 AM ET

BERKELEY, Calif. — California transient with a 50-43 win opposite No. 11 Texas on Saturday night, though a feat didn’t come though controversy.

Cal using behind Vic Enwere seemed to measure a game-sealing touchdown with 1:22 left, though replays showed Enwere forsaken a round before channel a idea line. Texas reserve Dylan Haines picked adult a round a brief time later, though not fast enough, according to Big 12 arbitrate Mike Defee.

After consulting with a replay central in a booth, it was ruled Haines’ liberation did not accommodate a customary of an “immediate recovery,” and possession was awarded to Cal during a 1-yard line. Cal was means to kneel down and run out a remaining time.

“The statute on a margin was a touchdown, that replay dynamic that there was a fail during a 1-yard line,” Defee said. “The round rolled into a finish zone, came to rest, Cal players ran past it, and many Texas players ran past it. we consider it was 14 [Haines] that picked adult a round and handed a round to a official.”

It is a settlement call for a replay official, Defee said.

“He was statute that there was a time component there that constituted no evident recovery,” Defee said. “Therefore, by rule, a round goes behind to a group that was final in possession during a 1-yard line.”

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A alarm was blown when a play was ruled a touchdown, though it was dynamic Texas still had a event to redeem a ball.

“I don’t consider that harm us,” Texas manager Charlie Strong said. “Number one, a round shouldn’t have gotten down there. We had too many opportunities before that play.”

Had Texas been given possession, it still would have indispensable to impetus scarcely a whole margin in reduction than dual mins to tie a game.

“We schooled a profitable doctrine tonight,” Cal manager Sonny Dykes said. “I don’t consider you’ll ever see that occur again with any of the players.”

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