Broncos LB Ware fractures forearm in victory

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11:38 PM ET

DENVER — Broncos outward linebacker DeMarcus Ware fractured his right forearm, and a group will try to establish Monday what that damage will meant for his 2016 season.

Ware suffered a detonate to his ulna bone, a smaller bone of a forearm that is on a side of a arm conflicting of a thumb, early in a second half of Sunday’s 34-20 win over a Indianapolis Colts. The Broncos will send Ware for additional exams to see if medicine to correct a detonate will be necessary.

“We have to see in a morning, actually, what a box is going to be — if it’s something he can play with or if it’s something that has to be fixed,” Broncos manager Gary Kubiak said.

He missed 5 games final deteriorate with identical behind troubles before returning to play good down a widen and into a postseason. In a deteriorate opener opposite a Carolina Panthers, Ware had 1.5 sacks and played 32 of a defense’s snaps opposite a Panthers.

“I feel like D-Ware, he’s battled some injuries,” Broncos linebacker Von Miller said. “He’ll be right back, though. That’s only a form of pro that he is. He’ll be means to quarrel by it.”

This year, joining manners concede a actor who is changed to harmed haven to lapse to a register during a season. As such, if a Broncos confirm that Ware needs medicine or time to reanimate but surgery, he could be placed on harmed haven and returned to a register before a deteriorate is over.

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