Bragi’s new wireless earbuds are easier and a lot cheaper

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One of a initial companies to try into a universe of creation truly wireless earbuds has suggested a second era product. Bragi, a company that incited $3.3 million of Kickstarter appropriation into a Dash, only announced a new span of wireless earbuds simply called a Headphone. The Headphone is formed on a Dash in many ways — a new earbuds competition a same size, altogether design, and simple duty — yet they’re cheaper and many simpler. Bragi will sell a Headphone in sell channels for $149 this November, yet we can preorder them starting currently for $119.

You can use a Headphone to take or make phone calls and activate your phone’s voice assistant, they concede for simple streaming song playback (though there’s no onboard storage this time around), and they barter a Dash’s hold controls for earthy buttons. The Headphone has a Dash’s audio pass-through feature, where we can hear a outward universe in your headphones, yet there’s no aptness tracking, and a carrying box doesn’t recharge a earbuds when we reserve them away. As Bragi CEO Nikolaj Hviid put it to The Verge: “the Headphone is a racing bike, where a Dash is many some-more like a Formula 1 car.”

The advantages of holding a Dash and dumbing it down a bit are threefold, and a initial is that thespian cost cut. (Backers of a Dash Kickstarter will also get an additional $20 off, bringing a cost down to $99.) Second, a Headphone will be means of squeezing twice a life — 6 hours — out of a same 100 mAh battery found in a Dash. Third, a Bluetooth tie between a earbuds and your phone should be stronger, according to Bragi.

Better battery life and a reduce plaque cost seem like luxuries compared to a awaiting of an softened (or even reliable) Bluetooth connection. Tenuous Bluetooth connectors are a problem that has most consistently plagued a first generation of truly wireless earbuds. It’s a kind of problem that kills a whole thought of a product in a initial place, yet it was one that startups were peaceful to hurl with if it meant violence a likes of Jabra, Samsung, or even Apple to market.

Bragi was no exception. While a association went out of a approach to reinstate a Bluetooth tie that syncs a dual earbuds together (it chose a conference assist record called Near Field Magnetic Induction instead), Bragi still used Bluetooth for a phone-to-earbud connection. This led to hiccups in a audio streaming during my time with a Dash, generally when a phone was in my slot or out of a line of sight. Hviid says that Bragi was means to use all it schooled from a Dash about this problem to repair a knowledge on a Headphone, yet we’ll have to get a hands on a new product to make that call for ourselves.

The other problem Bragi ran into with a Dash was prolongation delays. Bragi says that a Headphone is ostensible to start shipping in early November, yet Hviid told me that a association isn’t starting prolongation until Oct — a parsimonious turnaround, even for a association with one product underneath a belt.

In further to a Headphone, Bragi also announced another firmware refurbish to a Dash today. The association promises that this refurbish — chronicle 2.1 — will urge a correctness of a Dash’s heart rate tracking, as good as urge a Bluetooth connection. It follows a 2.0 refurbish released this past summer, that finished a Dash louder and authorised for improved aptness tracking. With 2.1, Hviid pronounced a association has been operative for months to work around a consequences of carrying a lot of radios in a really tiny headset. “All of these components, it’s a outrageous volume of components, and they disquiet a Bluetooth range,” Hviid said. “But many people will see conspicuous improvements with 2.1. We’re indeed really unapproachable of what we’ve done.”

Hviid was clever to note that business shouldn’t design program updates like these for a Headphone. “The Dash is a computer, a Headphone is a headphone,” he said.

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