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CASTING a opinion in Botswana is a agreeably lifeless and well-run affair; maybe a biggest regard in a Oct 24th parliamentary elections was a charge that blew divided tented polling stations. Slow opinion counting was put down to extreme carefulness; even supervision critics determine there was no humorous business.

But while Botswana is mostly hold adult as a indication of African governance, a choosing outcome reflects flourishing restlessness with a statute celebration underneath a leader, President Ian Khama (pictured, left). For a initial time, his Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), in energy given autonomy in 1966, won reduction than 50% of a vote, yet it retains a infancy in a 57-seat parliament.


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  • Mr Khama, 61, a former ubiquitous and a son of a autonomy leader, Sir Seretse Khama, now starts his second and final term. He is dear by his farming bottom though critics contend he runs a nation like a chieftain, awaiting sum control. Under Mr Khama, state-security agencies have stretched dramatically, and there have been discouraging accusations of extrajudicial killings and other abuses. A journal editor was charged with mutiny final month for a luscious story about Mr Khama being concerned in a automobile crash. Even BDP members worry about a peremptory trend.

    City-dwellers voted in droves for a Umbrella for Democratic Change coalition, led by a Harvard-trained tellurian rights lawyer, Duma Boko. He says he intends to quarrel abuses of energy and corruption, in a newly rival parliament.

    A darker cloud looms over a stately country: a diamonds that done a nation abounding are fast using out. One Gaborone-based economist, Roman Grynberg, believes that GDP per chairman will tumble by scarcely half when a diamonds disappear, maybe some time between 2029 and 2050. Already mercantile growth, that between 1966 and 1999 was using during 9% a year on average, has slowed to about 4% a year; steadfastly high stagnation is a worrying source of discontent.

    There is most speak of diversifying a economy, though small clarity of coercion among politicians. Discoveries of iron ore and spark will not be adequate to reinstate diamonds. Neither will tourism. Botswana’s private zone is diminutive and a polite use bloated. Unless new sources of expansion are found, Botswana’s politics might spin uncharacteristically nasty.

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