Bond denied for male indicted in box of blank U-Va. tyro Hannah Graham

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Bond was denied Thursday for a male who is charged with abducting blank University of Virginia sophomore Hannah Graham.

Jesse L. “LJ” Matthew Jr., 32, was taken into control Wednesday in Galveston, Tex., after a widespread manhunt, and military pronounced he now will be taken to Charlottesville to face charges in her disappearance.

Matthew, 32, was charged Tuesday with abduction Graham with a vigilant to intimately conflict a 18-year-old student, who dead after midnight Sept. 13. The assign suggests that military trust they have justification that Matthew took Graham opposite her will — or while she was in a state that left her incompetent to agree — though they have not laid out that evidence.

Matthew seemed quickly early Thursday in a Texas courtroom, where a decider denied bond and review Matthew his rights. Matthew declined a court-appointed attorney.

Police Chief Timothy J. Longo pronounced it is misleading given Matthew was in a Galveston area, that is on a Gulf of Mexico southeast of Houston, about 1,300 miles from Charlottesville. Adam S. Lee, FBI special representative in assign of a Richmond division, pronounced Matthew was taken into control by a member of a Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities charged Jesse L. “LJ” Matthew Jr., 32, with abduction with a vigilant to intimately conflict in tie with a disappearance of Hannah Graham. (Galveston County Consortium)

“It’s a certain tighten to this section of this really critical case, and we demeanour brazen to some-more certain developments,” Lee said.

Maj. Raymond Tuttoilmondo, a orator for a Galveston County sheriff, pronounced that Matthew was arrested about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday on a beach in Gilchrist, on a Bolivar Peninsula. According to a Bolivar Chamber of Commerce, Gilchrist is a residential village and beachfront review between Galveston Bay and a Gulf. Officials offering no sum of Matthew’s detain or where he competence have been headed.

[See a map of a segment where Matthew was apprehended.]

Longo pronounced a hunt continues for Graham, who has been blank for 12 days, adding that a box isn’t tighten to being over. A prerogative for Graham’s protected lapse has risen to $100,000, he said.

“We are seeking each chairman within a sound of my voice to find Hannah Graham,” Longo said.

Charlottesville counsel James L. Camblos III, who pronounced he is representing Matthew in a case, pronounced Wednesday night that Matthew’s family voiced service that he had been apprehended.

“We are really gratified that he is protected and that he will be entrance behind to Virginia,” Camblos said. “The family — their prayers have been answered that Jesse is safe. We’re really blissful that this partial of this distress is over. . . . After what they’ve been by over a final week and a half, this is rather of a service during this point.”

Hannah Graham timeline

Police wish to pronounce with Matthew in a hopes of training Graham’s location; an endless hunt has incited adult roughly no snippet of her. Police have collected justification from Matthew’s automobile and apartment. Longo pronounced that prosecutors motionless to press charges opposite Matthew after reviewing justification from experts during a crime lab in Richmond, though he did not contend what investigators found or either it enclosed Graham’s DNA.

An detain aver for Matthew, expelled Tuesday and expelled Wednesday, pronounced customarily that he was wanted for “abduction with vigilant to defile,” a transgression assign that carries a intensity limit life judgment on conviction. Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney Warner D. “Dave” Chapman declined to criticism Wednesday.

Virginia invulnerability lawyers pronounced Wednesday that such cases can be built on inconclusive justification — regulating DNA from semen, saliva, blood and hair found among an purported assailant’s effects — along with declare accounts of interactions between a dual people and other justification such as video surveillance. Lawyers pronounced an incapacitated plant — one who is drunk, on drugs or comatose — could be seen as incompetent to contend approbation to roving somewhere or participating in a sex act, even if that chairman were with someone willingly during a start.

But that “intent” can be formidable to prove, as prosecutors contingency benefaction justification that an purported assailant abducted a plant formulation “some arrange of passionate seduction afterwards,” pronounced Alexandria rapist invulnerability profession Jeffrey Zimmerman, who is not concerned in a case. He pronounced that can be a complicated weight that requires proving, over a reasonable doubt, “what a suspect was meditative of doing, what they dictated to do.”

Graham, of Fairfax County, was final seen shortly after 1 a.m. Sept. 13 with Matthew, who had his arm around her, military said. Witnesses during a Tempo grill adjacent to a city’s Downtown Mall saw a dual carrying drinks together there, military said. Police pronounced that they consider Graham was after in Matthew’s automobile though that they do not know what happened to her after that.

Graham’s tighten crony Hallie Pence, 21, a U-Va. junior, pronounced that Matthew’s detain “brings us one step closer to removing answers, and we all need answers right now given a different is scary. It brings us one step closer to anticipating Hannah and removing her home.”

Matthew hired Camblos to paint him over a weekend after quickly assembly with police, and military pronounced Matthew left a area shortly after they let him go absent drift to detain him. The 6-foot-2, 270-pound Matthew was a concentration of a multi-state search.

Camblos, who served as a Albemarle County and Waynesboro prosecutor for some-more than dual decades and returned to private use this year, declined to plead his customer or a box when contacted Tuesday and Wednesday.

Longtime Charlottesville invulnerability profession Scott Goodman pronounced that he faced off opposite Camblos “hundreds of times” in probity when Camblos was a prosecutor. Goodman pronounced that he binds Camblos in high regard, observant that he won a infancy of his cases as a commonwealth’s profession in Albemarle County.

Goodman, who is not concerned in a box and spoke generally about such charges, pronounced abduction prosecutions are customarily built around 3 probable scenarios: a admission from a defendant, an watcher who can contend an purported assailant took a plant opposite that person’s will, and inconclusive evidence, such as DNA or other earthy indications of an attack, such as ripped wardrobe or injuries.

Goodman pronounced a box built on inconclusive justification is “the harder track to supplement adult over a reasonable doubt,” though that he believed a commonwealth’s profession substantially would not have sought an detain aver unless he was assured that a supervision had a clever case.

“He doesn’t wish to have a box he’s not going to win,” Goodman said. “He’s not going to do it if it’s half-baked.”

Goodman pronounced that a specific assign opposite Matthew — abduction with vigilant to fester — hints that a box will rest on debate evidence. He also pronounced Matthew’s apparent moody could be used opposite him in court, even if he left before he was confronting charges.

“This does harm a box to be absconding, to be journey justice,” Goodman said.

Goodman was not astounded that military publicly put vigour on Matthew before they had adequate justification to assign him.

“They wish them to make a mistake given it’s unnerving to be a vigilant of wanted posters and daily press conferences that call we to come in,” Goodman said. “It unnerves an normal person. . . . It’s a tactic they learn in military school. It’s legal. . . . There’s zero wrong with a military regulating each pretence in a toolbox.”

The assign opposite Matthew carries a judgment trimming from 20 years to life in prison. Generally, prosecutors contingency infer a passionate member over a abduction, pronounced Alexandria invulnerability profession Joe King.

The assign is some-more serious — and requires some-more explanation — than elementary abduction, that requires prosecutors to uncover customarily that a chairman was taken opposite his or her will or was prevented from going somewhere, King said. In explanation abduction with vigilant to defile, prosecutors contingency uncover that a abductor dictated to do something else with a plant — customarily something passionate in nature, King said.

There is another trail to explanation a charge: if prosecutors can uncover that a chairman was abducted for ransom, King said. But he pronounced that given officials in this box used a “defile” language, that substantially indicates that they trust a vigilant of a abduction was sexual.

King said, too, that a passionate conflict “doesn’t have to be completed” to justify a charge. “You can have abduction with vigilant to fester if a chairman is abducted and that chairman fights and gets away, and we could still potentially make a charge,” he said.

Police have not pronounced what they consider indicates that Matthew dictated to conflict Graham.

Those tighten to Matthew have pronounced they know him as a “gentle giant” who prayed during a internal church, worked in a U-Va. sanatorium caring for patients and volunteered with a high propagandize as a football coach. Matthew is good famous along Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall.

University officials pronounced that Matthew, who worked during a U-Va. sanatorium as a studious technician in a handling room given Aug 2012, was dangling but compensate after he was charged this week. Officials during a Charlottesville Yellow Cab association pronounced that Matthew gathering a cab for a association before a 2012 change of ownership.

Matthew, who was a defensive lineman on a Liberty University football group from 2000 to 2002, had worked as a part-time proffer manager during a private Christian Covenant School in Charlottesville given August. Matthew “is no longer compared with a propagandize in any capacity,” headmaster George Sanker pronounced Wednesday.

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